Best time (I)

Best time (I)

"That was the best time, that was the worst," Dickens said, beginning with his novel "Twin Cities" of the French Revolution."He expressed this remark at the time of the unrest and the optimism that people were expected to happen as a result of the anticipated major historical changes.

In the journey of various missions, there are often some unexpected worst times, but it is also possible to be the best time Oh! Best or worst, see exactly what you think, what do you see?

The worst moments are often the most dazed, helpless, and frustrating times. But the worst of times is a rare moment in one's life, to be able to takers the excitement that is supposed to be, and the best thing that is about to happen.

In early September 2017, after a mission meeting in Brazil, I moved to Miami, United States, to join Mexico's short-term team in preparation for taking them into Haiti. Unsurprisingly, he met a strong hurricane, so the whole team was stranded in Miami for a week.

The airport was closed at the time, flights were cancelled and day was sad. Every day in the appointment position, and repeatedly canceled the situation, frustration. But in the end the whole team was able to come to Haiti, though only for two days. This journey has become a test of our confidence and patience that will be unforgettable for a long while.

This time led 3 sisters to Haiti, and although the political situation in Haiti was well paid before the trip, on the day we arrived, large-scale demonstrations began throughout Haiti.

The current President of Haiti, campaigning for a lot of hype and commitment. I remember when I was in Haiti, too, and they told me that Haiti was about to elect 1 of the best presidents, and that in two years, Haitians recognized the incumbent president as the worst president in history, lethargic, incompetent, arbitrary, and corrupt.

Haiti has a good group of people, but the political lethargic incompetent to make them human life such as dogs. I do a simple metaphor, if someone's income is one of your 50 to 100 points, but the price is the same as your region, how do they live? That is the current situation of Haitians. Haiti's unemployment rate has reached more than 40%, with jobs and a day's income of about two dollars. The miserable state of the situation is conceivable.

At the end of November last year, in early December, Haiti had staged a massive demonstration to force the incumbent president to step down, and two months down, the president not only failed to step down, the overall economic situation is getting worse. Compared with when I came last year, the inflation rate is 130% higher.

This time the demonstration is arguably the most extensive and violent in years. The rise of glowing (all arise shine) in Haiti, Reverend Jeremy, says that our city of Hinche is very peaceful and peaceful. If there were riots in the city of Hinche, the pre-insurgency situation across the country was unimaginable.

We booked here for six days, originally to visit six villages that had sprung up and served, but had two days to move, to be kept in an orphanage, and not to step out of the wall, because of burning tires everywhere and protesting against demonstrations.

All the organs, schools, banks, all closed. The children of orphanages certainly do not have to go to school. In this situation, there is a fellow sister actually received to say, why not help these children baptized?!

I heard it, too, and it makes sense. So we gathered all about 70 children in the orphanage, and first I explained to them the meaning of baptism, then gave them free will, chose to be baptized or not to be baptized, and all the children were willing to be baptized.

A fellow sister said she had never seen a baptism on such a large scale. Yes, at the worst of times, it's the best time. How can there be such a great harvest of souls this time without this demonstration of protest, the detention of us in an orphanage and the inability of all the children of the hospital to go to school?!

Today's flight to the United States, due to the road barrier, we can not successfully ride back to beauty. We have rescheduled our flight on Saturday, and it is not known whether it will take place at a time when the country is so fickle and restless.

We are a few people in the short team, every day in the orphanage limited space to walk around, really split sad. But one thing I must always remind myself, can not be impetuous, can not worry, can not fear, in this worst moment and environment, is the best time to test their faith.

The same environment and time and space, is the worst moment, or the best moment, completely look at the people in the middle of the mentality and vision. I tell myself that such things are hard to come across once in a lifetime. Be quiet, believe, look forward to,… There will be good things to happen in the near future. When the future overtaken by events, this short journey experience, will also become the most unforgettable memories of a lifetime.