One of the most exciting things

One of the most exciting things

When he got up early in the morning and was busy liaising with the missionary workshop on the other side of Asia, he received several photos from a missionary in Burma, with several voice messages.

He shared with me what he had recently learned about a small village near Mandalay (WA), a young man of the kicking panicky who had studied theology, but who had read theological, brought back 10 children to the hill near them, went to his house under the hill to live with him, took care of them, and gave them the opportunity to read (with photos).

Our missionaries told me that although the young man was willing to help, his living conditions were extremely rudimentary and he had great financial difficulties in caring for 10 children,…. The missionary's tone at this time became very euphemistic, and it was obviously less certain to ask for my advice, asking me, is there any touch that can provide some help for these children's lives? (He may have thought that we have helped them enough, and now I may be angry, or refuse, to make this request again.)

I told him without thinking that taking care of fatherless was a very important call to the rise of glowing (all arise shine), and that we would respond fully to the work God had entrusted us with, so of course we would be willing to help these children.

After that, I went on to learn about some of their conditions and immediately offered to help them buy beds, desks, tables, chairs, as well as shipping life, and learning materials, including winter blankets, clothes, stationery, schoolbags, and other school supplies. In the future, if necessary, also willing to supply them rice, so that children do not starve …

I continued to share with him, and encouraged him to say, do not limit yourself, but to open your mouth greatly to God and ask God for more orphans. It is not what we have, or what we can do, but when we are willing to put ourselves on, God will supply all that is needed to take care of these helpless orphans through us …

For me personally, the work of caring for fatherless is the most touching of my heart and the thing that excites me the most. Look at the kids who have no help, no one to watch, no one to take care of. When we are willing to put a little help to them, not only their present life to be helped, to be able to read and be literate, to broaden their horizons, they will certainly be able to feel love and warmth.

The betting and companionship of the Gospel workers ' time, like watering the seedlings, gives these children plenty of water and grows in the fertile soil. As a result, because of the grace and lovingkindness of God, the vast majority of children, the future of life can be on a right path, it is also possible that some of the next generation of evangelical workers are out of them.

Dear brothers and sisters, I do not know what touches your heart most in your Christian faith? But for me personally, what is more worthwhile than investing in fatherless? Through these help, let my own life feel extremely rich and satisfied. This mood, I have been engaged in medical work and medical research for the past 30 years, has achieved some achievements can not be compared.

Brothers and sisters, no matter what your touch is, let us the Greatest "love" in the Christian faith, not just often on the lips, but can be manifested in behavior, and practical care and pay. Remember, action is the best intelligence. Bless you.