To help them out of the dark corners.

To help them out of the dark corners.

The rise of glowing (all Arise Shine), supported by AIDS patients in K City, C, has long been in every corner of the city, engaged in some hidden unknown work. The main reason is that this type of work requires a great deal of secrecy.

This group of people infected with AIDS for various reasons, the original extreme despair of their lives and the future, coupled with the negative words often given to them by doctors (for example, only 3 months, or 6 months at most), most of their ordinary life only in the dark corners of their rooms sleep, smoking, in shame, With despair one day waiting to die.

In addition, this group of AIDS with the original heart has a great sense of humiliation and inferiority, so there is a great fear of interaction with society. Our frontline evangelicals, with the exception of the usual door-to-house care, have the greatest desire to take them out of the dark house where they lived most of the time. But it's not really an easy thing to do. Must be built on the trust that has been created to give them a long history of caring for them.

In this combination of pictures on the last three, is the March spring outing activities. A total of 14 people living with AIDS participated. Although the park is in the urban area, three-fourths of AIDS people have not walked into the park for more than 10 years.

Such a simple spring outing in the city, even let these patients for many years have not been so happy to laugh. It was clear that they were also touched by the beautiful chunjing around them. How we wish them to see the hope of their own lives in a vibrant spring.

In addition to taking them out of the dark corners of their usual lives, and in order to increase their confidence in integrating into society, we also plan to conduct some training courses in the future. The combination of pictures under three, is the first time to carry out a small English classroom, there are seven patients to participate.

Although many of them have not written a word for many years, they are serious about learning. Although we dare not expect them to learn how high the level, but through this course hope to arouse their internal motivation, let them know that they have potential, and gradually by these courses can restore their confidence in themselves.

In addition to small English classes, we will also conduct computer training, sewing training, and baking training. Through a variety of courses and learning, so that they find their own interests, increase the color of life, but also gradually in the invisible with others to learn to interact.

We believe that no matter how long these people can live, it is important for them to have dignity, confidence, hope and quality to live. So we will do our best to help them.

The rise of glowing visions and ministry features focused on weakness, poverty, fragmentation, loneliness, rejection, neglect, and the service of displaced persons. This group of AIDS patients hidden in the dark corners of the city, usually no one wants to approach them, but they are one of the main objects of our care.

We believe that no matter what dark, ignorant, or broken path they have travelled before, it has led to their results today. But their past is not something we have to care about. What we value is that they are a group of people who desperately need to be accepted, cared for, helped and empowered at this time. When no one is paying attention and willing to care for them, the rise of luminescence must uphold our burden and take on the responsibility of taking care of them.

Xia so far, let me think of a very interesting words: 1000 yuan banknote value, will not be because the money is dirty and detract from the value. No matter the money is dirty again, the value of 1000 yuan will not change. The value that cannot be changed has been placed in us since we were born, just as it has been in the lives of some of the people who have been living with AIDS.

No matter what other people's vision and evaluation, 1000 pieces will always have 1000 pieces of value. Do you agree with this view? Bless you.