Get back on your feet.

Get back on your feet.

Who says that social care is simply charity and has nothing to do with the gospel work. Taiwan Screen Donghai People Association, for a long years in the idol worship atmosphere is very strong in the East Haven area, silently ploughing, care for the local family of new residents, especially the broken marriage of single mothers and children, but also bring the local elders to the church.

This year's mother's Day is particularly lively. Community care and care stronghold of the Elders "walk Show", happy debut, give their own beautiful dress. Sunday School children make carnations and take them home to their mother. On the Sunday of the church, the mother group tried to offer poetry for the first time ….

The head of the Haikou People Association once the pastor gave every mother an artificial carnation, wishing them health and happiness. As there are a number of new local mothers from different countries, mother's day, each family prepared 1-2 courses, brought to the church, to taste the food of different countries.

The sister "Hui Qing" from Indonesia was elected model mother this year and accepted the award by the county governor in person. A few years ago, she walked into the church when her marriage failed and was counselled, and after being baptized three years ago, she gradually came out of the shadows of life and set up the "Happy Indonesian dance troupe" to lead more than 10 sisters who had lost the same marriage to her by dancing to a new life, while also leading them into the church one by one.

Pingdong East Haven before the opening of foreign brides legally married to Taiwan many years ago, because it is a fishing port relationship, there are many fishermen to Southeast Asian countries, through all kinds of means and weaving all kinds of beautiful stories, a young and beautiful foreign girls to marry back to Taiwan.

Their gentlemen are alcoholics, drug addicts, domestic violence, long-term no-job, and even imprisoned. It was only at this time that many people discovered that they had been disillusioned with the good dreams that Taiwan aspired to.

How do the mothers of this group of new inhabitants, who are in a foreign land and are unaccompanied, most of whom have children, survive in this strange place? Thanks to God, through the Haikou People Association for a long time in language learning, vocational training, family care, children after-school care, legal advice,… And so on a variety of help and tutoring, this group of original body and mind are in desperate straits and despair of the new residents of the mother, slowly, one of them all stood up.

I personally in the past few years back to Taiwan when I visited the East Haven Haikou People Association many times, every time there is always a chance to meet a few new residents of the mother, by the expression on their faces, you can see that all the situation is improving. Because the Haikou people Association and the church not only become their refuge, but also the place where they seek help, receive spiritual healing, and encourage each other with other mothers who encounter the same.

After suffering the injury of marriage, the autonomy of economic ability and the reconstruction of the mind will take a long time to recover slowly. This is often a dark time that has lasted for many years and needs to be constantly encouraged and supported. I once encouraged them in a special lecture, asking them to always hope and never give up in times of hardship.

Today we're happy to see them really get back on their feet one by one. They gradually forget the past, wipe away the tears, re-smile, towards the future full of hope of life, re-stride forward. Let us sincerely bless them, in this new land by unconditional acceptance, help, and blessing.