Continue to be neatly equipped.

Continue to be neatly equipped.

The rise of luminescent (all Arise Shine) supports several Burmese children's centres, unlike the orphanage that we generally recognize, where buildings and equipment are perfect. Usually these children's centres are old premises and are managed by a burdened missionary.

The operation of the Children's Centre in addition to the need to provide children's food rice and the salaries of some missionaries, the continuous availability and renewal of facilities and buildings is also necessary. In terms of premises, in order to make the life of children more convenient, more comfortable, if necessary, we must also do some construction and alteration work.

Recently, at the eyebrow seedling Children's center, we have used ceiling compartments to create new second-floor spaces to facilitate the future reception of more children. After digging the well, in order to facilitate the child's future bathing, fetching water, and washing clothes, we are also capping large cisterns and cement platforms.

In the Miao Children's Centre on the old Street, with more than 40 children already accommodated, there is room for activity in order to give children more room to move, especially in hot summers and rainy weather, and we are capping large outdoor awnings. In the future, children can not only eat in this place, write homework, but also play here.

In the Rain Children's center, due to the lack of space use, the responsible missionaries are self-supporting to build another second-floor building, the future of the first floor as a student dormitory, another floor as a place to worship and read. Helpless cover to half, entanglements exhausted, powerless to cover again. So we also stepped in immediately to help them complete the whole project.

As mentioned above, some projects, large and small, no matter how much they cost, as long as the rise of luminous affordability, for the sake of the quality of life of children, we will be fully committed to help. Of course, we will never flinch in the face of the different needs of the future in the various children's centres. Because these children are not our own children, but they are the treasures of God's eyes.

Myanmar in early June, after a practical visit to several children's centres, we will learn more about their actual needs and how to help them.

Let us bless the children of so many children's centres, and because of the full love and care of the missionaries, with our little help, every day there is a feeling of happiness. Also sincerely bless them, can grow up happily.