Found a new gospel stronghold.

Found a new gospel stronghold.

Many children in Myanmar do not have a chance to read, as many people know. One may be poverty, the other may be living in remote places.

We were in the Kokang area, about 7 hours from Old Street, on the hill, and invited a local teacher qualified to teach about 50 students on the mountain.

But the vast mountains still have a lot of children who need to read, so they can afford to go to school in the small town of Xinping Street at the foot of the mountain. Because it is to the average person to rent, the quality is not the same, and children are also lack of care.

More than half a year ago we saw this good opportunity, think why not run a local student center, please a teacher dedicated to where to take care of the child's life and living? In addition to cooking three meals for them to eat, sooner or later they can also be taught the Bible, taking them slowly to know God.

Recently we found a good house, with six rooms, plus space on the 1st floor with two storefronts, which can accommodate about 40 children. There is also a plot of land at the back of the house where you can grow vegetables.

The house is a little old, but it should be no problem to tidy up a little. And there's water, there's electricity. Our evangelical workers should also promise to find local people to go up the hill to cut bamboo, and to help the children make beds. Other necessities of life include the desk, which we will buy slowly.

Most importantly, we found an evangelical worker who had a burden on the children of the local mountain minority early on, willing to stay here to take care of them.

In this place, a one – year rent for a house is very cheap. Future rentals, utilities, living facilities, and teacher salaries will be borne entirely by All Arise Shine. Students only have to pay for food.

In this way they are not only well taken care of, but we also have a good opportunity to get along with them day and night to preach the gospel. This new gospel point is really great!

The work of tidying up the house is about to begin, and hopefully soon we can take the students to take care of them. If this model works, we will have the possibility of a second children's center in this town in the future, taking in more children, and creating the fine soldiers of the future of the Kingdom of God.

The children on the mountain need to read too much, and too much need god. In the future they will not only be free from illiteracy, they will also not stay on the mountain to do nothing, or to become drug addicts.

Let us bless the children who come here to study in the future, they have a soft heart, so that the seeds of the gospel can soon be planted, and grow strong.