Keep going in the tough times (III)

Keep going in the tough times (III)

One of the difficult situations of The Haitian Gospel Work, just look at this video.

The fifth school in Haiti, All Arise Shine, is in the village of La Belle Onde.

The new school will open on September 9th. Villagers and the evangelical team rushed to make enough desks and chairs before the start of school, so that students can use it.

The video shows the evangelical team on its way back across a river, just across a creek, a man's car trapped in it, a dangerous ring, unable to pass.

This road I went to Haiti many times, usually before setting off someone to survey the road conditions, to see if there is a stream overflowing, and then decide whether to take this road.

This time it may be that they will go without problems, but the heavy rain during the day causes the river to soar and makes it impassable.

On one trip to Haiti two years ago, I also saw the river surge, waiting for hours on the banks of the other road, and then barely crossing the river. I hope they are all safe this time.

Let us bless them.