Moving on in the Tough (II)

Moving on in the Tough (II)

The first line of gospel work is not easy. Myanmar has Myanmar's difficulties, And Haiti has Haiti's challenge.

Haiti is not as war- as Myanmar, but the country has been in turmoil and turmoil for nearly a year. Originally a very poor country, people's lives have been difficult enough, coupled with soaring prices, let us in the local evangelical work more challenging.

But all of the evangelical work of All Arise Shine in Haiti has not been slowed or stopped by the barriers of external objective environment.

For this summer, the Haitian team, which includes priests and several school teachers, not only has no rest, but the anti-Trump team must work harder.

In addition to the daily summer classes, they must also be divided into several villages, divided into different teams, patching school buildings, building additional classrooms, making desks and chairs, setting up new schools, and stepping up their work, as the school begins in another week.

Looking at the combined pictures, how they make desks and chairs, build classrooms, and use wood, and see how difficult their environment is.

It is important to give students some extra – curricula classes during the summer vacation for two months. For example, protecting forests, water resources, farming knowledge, health education, women's health, French, English, sports, and group health… Wait, wait, wait, wait,

This allows the students to gain more access. So we're very insistent on two months of summer school. And we must see the curriculum, make sure they do daily classes, and pay their salaries.

We currently have four schools in Haiti, and the number of students has exceeded 600. Together with the upcoming fifth school, as well as a new kindergarten class, the total number will exceed 800 by the end of this year. We employ more than 30 teachers and co – workers.

You may ask me, is such a huge investment worth it? In a country as poor as Haiti, is reading really useful? Yes. I think it's very useful. Education is the fundamental of flipping a person with the country. All we have to do is give them a chance, give them dreams.

Moreover, through years of education, it is also the best time for us to teach them biblical knowledge and prayer practice. Especially in Haiti, a voodoo country, only worship the one true god, can let the country turn upside down.

Look at the picture of the ninth-grade boy, who has lived in an orphanage for years, has a crowded environment, no desk, and certainly no space of his own, but he is in his school, all the ninth graders, the first academic performance (valedicrian). A child in an orphanage can behave like this, this is the power of dreams. Isn't it?

Brothers and sisters, would you like to join hands with me to give these needy people dreams about the future, have dreams, and provide some necessary help? Bless you.