Written after "Digging wells in the mountains of Cambodia": Let your wealth become a trickle of water

Written after "Digging wells in the mountains of Cambodia": Let your wealth become a trickle of water

The other night, I wrote a short essay for the Joseph Granary Association about digging wells in the mountains of Cambodia, inviting my brothers and sisters to participate. I said, "It takes only 400 dollars to dig a well in the mountains of Cambodia." We are about to help the poor local villagers dig 10 wells, need 4,000 dollars … "

After writing the passage, as it was nearly midnight, I hurriedly sent it to dozens of groups and individuals through the social media. Then prepare to bathe and go to bed. I didn't expect to walk into the bedroom after I sent it, and I saw a line message coming in, and the time was only 12 minutes away from the time I sent the passage (see chart).

This line recording is only 18 seconds, simple and clear. The content is said, "After reading your passage, know that Cambodia to dig wells, unexpectedly a well as long as 400 dollars, it is too cheap." So 10 wells, 4,000 dollars, I'm all wrapped up. These two days I went to the bank to send money to the rise of glowing accounts. "

Wow, 12 minutes plus 18 seconds, God has helped us find smart "investors" in the beauty of this heavenly investment. The speed is faster than I thought. Then I asked him, with such a big investment, why did he decide to give 4000 bucks so quickly? He replied that he had been to Africa and knew that the cost of digging wells was not expensive, and today he heard that the cost of digging wells in Cambodia was so low that, of course, hurry up!

This sister is my familiar friend, is a certain professional field "old grandmother class" character. The income was very fruitful. It is not difficult to live a luxurious life with his financial resources, but it is very special, but also very valuable, but he charity very frugal, the life is simple. But for the needs of all parts of the Kingdom of God alone, he has never been soft, with a great deal of dedication, to bless the needs of all parts of the kingdom, and many of the evangelical workers in front of him.

Less than a day later, there were brothers and sisters from Taiwan and the United States whom I knew or did not know, who offered to help dig wells. So that the amount of digging wells has reached more than 15. In addition to admiring the intelligence of these brothers and sisters to choose the "Kingdom of Heaven Performance Stocks" to invest, thank them for being able to walk with us to help the inhabitants of these poor mountainous areas.

In particular, I would like to thank some of my brothers and sisters in Taiwan who I do not know about this time digging wells, as well as the many blessings that have been needed in the past. Every time I receive their dedication, I inevitably think that with the current low wages in Taiwan, how can these brothers and sisters have so much courage and determination to do these dedication?!

These contributions may come from their money to buy food, how hard it is to accumulate household money, whether they are private, or to work overtime. These not easy to get money, frugal, two days a day slowly accumulated, to a certain number, on the dedication to the Kingdom of God all kinds of needs.

So these offerings, like trickling water, flow into the dry land of the poor ridge, but also into the wandering heart of the people. They are all like the sister I know, "look down on what they use and value what others need." I feel incredibly cozy and grateful for their put on the table.

In fact, this time it is not our first experience to raise money for wells in the mountainous areas of Cambodia, to meet the standards so quickly and to exceed the standard. Every time we have the need for a missionary workshop in front of us, and a quick launch of the announcement with a short passage, in less than one or two days, God has raised the amount of money we need.

It reminds me of the same message that a sister with a prophet's gift had prayed to me more than once before, "as long as there is a rise and a glow to God, God will supply it." For you have done what is to God's heart, and what God has pleased. "Is there any biblical basis for such a prophetic prophecy? Let's take a look at what the Bible says.

John 5:14-15 The book–"If we ask for anything according to his will, he will listen to us." This is the fearless heart that we have left to him. Knowing that he listens to all that we ask for, we know that all that we ask of him is to be done.

There was a spiritual elder whom I respected, and I shared his words of intelligence with me a while ago. He said, "Usually we pray to God–" I'm going to … , And I want to … "God did not respond. But if we often pray to God for the needs of others, "they need … They need to …. "God will certainly respond to us."

These two days, I lay in bed at night and said to God, "Oh, my God!" Your sons and daughters are so eager to put on, the rise and shine must have the same zeal. We're willing to put more … " So yesterday I sent a message to the preacher of Joseph's Granary Association that 10 wells may not be enough in 9 villages in the mountains of Cambodia, and we are willing to help them dig a few more wells.

In addition, I also asked him that so many people on the other side of the Cambodian mountains were bitten by mosquitoes, I saw that their houses do not have mosquito nets, can buy them a mosquito net. He replied that he would buy it this time. I told him at once that it was better to rise and shine and dedicate 100,000 twd to buy a mosquito net. In the future, we can help if we need it in northern Thailand …

Dear brothers and sisters, the churches of Dear gods, dear Evangelical institutions, let us "take it from God and use it in the Kingdom of God"; "Not for oneself, but for all the people of God." Let us truly see the value of investment in the Kingdom of heaven, so that our wealth and resources, like a trickle of water, irrigate those dark and dry land, but also moisturize those thirsty hearts! Bless you, and bless your church, all with such sight and action.