Excavation of wells in mountainous areas of Cambodia

Excavation of wells in mountainous areas of Cambodia

The evangelical partner of the glowing (all Arise Shine), the Joseph Granary Association, will serve in the mountains of Thailand by the end of April, after which it will be transferred directly to the mountainous areas of Cambodia in mid-May to continue its service work.

In the needs of Thailand and the mountainous areas of Cambodia, I have heard a little bit from the news released by the Joseph Granary Association a while ago and offered to help with digging wells.

According to the head of the Granary Association, "This time they went to the mountainous areas of Cambodia, mainly to the Cambodian people fleeing to escape warlords to hunt down the mountains, cooking to the villagers in the village to eat, buy food to the villagers, and give emergency relief money." In addition, we should also help them to see a doctor, because of the Chinese medicine practitioners accompanied to serve the consultation.

"There are 9 villages in Cambodia, a secluded region. From the city to drive a large section of mud road, to reach the wilderness near the village, to change the locomotive to ride a very narrow tattered mud road to enter the village. "

"Young people here work up the hill and almost all die in the mountains, sick and dead (possibly malaria) because they are bitten by mosquitoes." Drink a mouthful of dirty water on the mountain, also often pull diarrhea to death. There was a lack of water on the mountain, dirty, and there were only 3 men left in the whole village, and all the others were dead. It was a widow's village, and a bunch of children had no money to eat.

"Students who have access to local schools (funded by foreigners) can have a lunch to eat." This Cambodian service to investigate tuition fees, to see if you can let some children read, at least one day can have a meal to eat, lest this area of children perish, very helpless, very distressed. "

Since the date of their departure is remembered in my heart, today is the middle of April, so today I send a message in particular to the head of the Joseph Granary Association, asking him to make a good investigation of the need to dig wells after he has arrived in Cambodia, and to inquire about the funding.

I was very surprised by his reply, saying: "It has been investigated that the local company digging wells in Cambodia can dig up to 3 wells in 1 days." They are not using traditional manual digging of wells, they are using machines to drill down all the time, find water, and use water pipes to pump it up. A well is about 300 to 400 dollars. The money includes the cost of a pumping machine. "

Wow! Dig a well for just 300 to 400 dollars!? It's incredibly cheap. The rise of glowing in Haiti has dug 8 wells, priced from 3,500 to 8,000 dollars, and 3 wells in Burma, ranging from 1,500 dollars to 3,000 dollars.

Of course, the price of digging wells according to the region, difficulty, depth, and many other factors, there will be a great difference. But in the mountains of Cambodia a well is only 400 dollars, it really makes me very surprised.

I immediately replied to him, "Please go to the mountains of Cambodia to decide the size of the village, the location of the well to facilitate access by the villagers, and the number of wells dug in each village." With a well of 400 dollars to calculate, the rise of luminescence this year can dig 10 wells in Cambodia no problem. That is, we can support 4,000 dollars … "

Dear brothers and sisters, do you believe that? Medical research shows that half of human diseases are related to the quality of drinking water. Today, in the mountainous areas of Cambodia, these poor families in the backcountry, who have lacked clean drinking water for years, have caused no shortage of disease and death. Lack of water also allows them to do a lot of things, including farming can not be carried out. A group of mountain dwellers living in extreme poverty have been compounded by the long absence of water equivalent to life.

A well is only 400 dollars, do you have a heart? This is the best opportunity to invest in the Kingdom of Heaven (Don't forget, I'm the promoter of the Heavenly Investment Project, Haha!). As long as you invest 400 dollars, let your life with that piece of you and I strange Land and people, in the eternal inside the link. Their future generations of life, but also because of your small bets, there will be a huge change Oh! Don't let this opportunity be lost, just add it to the entrance!
Bless you.