Continue to dig wells in Haiti

Continue to dig wells in Haiti

The well in the picture, which was excavated in lacou Mede, a remote village in central Haiti, is hard to come by.

At the end of last year we negotiated a price with a well company in Haiti, and if we dig three wells, we pay $7,000 for each of the first two wells, while the third well pays only $4,000.

The three wells were supposed to be completed at the beginning of this year, resulting in only two, and the rest of the wells were completed only last month.

It is well known that roads in rural Haiti are so difficult that one day the well company's truck carrying digging equipment to Lacou Mede capsized on the way.

In Haiti, where road conditions are so bad, this is a big deal, but you can imagine that the well company in this matter is bound to lose a lot of money.

The digging company later regretted the price of the third well 4,000 yuan, so construction dragged on, plus the rainy season in Haiti began in March, the days of being able to dig were not many, only to cause the well to be completed only recently.

Wells firmly told all-brother Siosshine's co-workers in Haiti, "Every well that will be dug in the future will be more than $7,000, and 4,000 wells will never be possible….

The world to dig a well price from a few hundred dollars to one or two thousand dollars have, affecting the price of many factors, such as the way of excavation, the depth of the well, the soil of hard and soft, traffic conditions, labor costs, gasoline costs, and related equipment costs…. Wait a minute.

Digging a well in Haiti costs about $5,000 to $10,000, so it makes sense for Wells to charge $7,000.

Although the cost, but the rise of the glow feel that for the often (long) years lack of clean water for the residents of The Haitian village wells are well-worth while, especially we dig are 100 to 150 feet of deep wells, the water quality is very clean.

Man-made wells are usually within 40 feet of depth, in addition to the well water is susceptible to pollution from adjacent water sources, the water of the wells are also susceptible to dry and rainy seasons, we serve in the Myanmar region, some wells have this problem. And deep wells don't have these problems.

Even though it is expensive and may encounter some difficulties, we still intend to dig two or three wells a year in Haiti for different villages. Simple arithmetic can tell how well this investment is worth it.

If a deep well that costs $7,000 can last 50 years, it can supply clean water for hundreds of villagers in a village for as little as 38 cents (38 cents) that day, the benefits of irrigation need to be said.

Such a valuable investment, why not?