See hope in the poor

See hope in the poor

The extent of poverty in Haiti is visible from this composite picture.

All Arise Shine is building another makeshift school in La Bella Onde, a remote village in Central Haiti, this fall. In fact, earlier this year we had dug a well in the area, benefiting the local residents.

The village, with hundreds of families, is located on the plateau, and because of its remoteness from the city, local children have no chance to read. The parents responded to me through our local co- workers, hoping to help them build a school.

After a few prayers and considerations, I agreed, because there was a long-term commitment to building a school, so the burden was heavy, which was why I had been hesitant.

After that, I sent thousands of dollars to the local co- workers, ready to start building the classroom work. Perhaps in order to save money, our fellow workers also asked the villagers of the village to start helping to collect wood as a need for construction.

Look at these wooden bars in the picture, not only small, curved, but also of varying length. Do you believe these wooden bars are the beams to be used to support the classroom? Yes, they are.

Unlike home Depot in the United States, or other countries with timber companies, it's easy to buy wood and strips that have been cut, and it's not easy to get wood in Haiti, because for a hundred or two years, most of the trees have been almost cut down. Even a few shops or companies that sell wood must be very expensive.

Some of the wooden bars in the picture are so small that another possible reason is that, although there are some large trees in their lives (I've been to Haiti many times, and indeed there are some big trees there), they don't have the right tools, such as a chainsaw, to cut it down. So there's only dry stare.

So you can imagine how "easy" the classroom will be built in the future.

Even so, the inhabitants of the remote, impoverished Haitian villages still see the importance of education and are willing to join us in building the new school.

I believe they must see, and believe, through education, that they and their next generation can see hope for the future. Let us bless some of Haiti's poor inhabitants, who have a different future because of the rise of glowing interventionto help them.