To preach the gospel in all sorts of ways.

To preach the gospel in all sorts of ways.

The development of rural and mountainous areas in Myanmar appears to be much slower than that of developed countries. So for children in these places, computers are still quite a novelty tool.

The Gospel workers we have in front of Burma, seeing this opportunity, have sprung up computer training courses as a conduit for evangelism. Because the children of Myanmar, in the late middle school is still to learn computer. So the chances of the idea being implemented are very high.

Looking for resources through the rise of glowing (all arise shine), fortunately, Brother J, who has worked in the computer business for many years and is keen on the Gospel of God, has helped collect 15 desktop computers and 8 portable computers in Shanghai and Taipei.

Following the collation of Brother J, the computers are about to be shipped to two children's centres in Myanmar as a tool for the use of computer training courses.

Let us bless the Gospel workers ahead who are smart, dexterous and able to use all kinds of opportunities to preach the gospel. Also ask God to be able to move the brothers and sisters behind them, to continue to match them, to supply their needs, in order to achieve the gospel work of God.