An unexpected experience.

An unexpected experience.

The severe riots in Haiti for many days remain unstoppable. The main roads in the country have been cordoned off by protesters. The time we returned to the United States has been extended from three on Monday to six. It seems impossible to get to Port-au-Prince airport by plane Road.

So we actively contacted two missionary aircraft in the hope of flying from a very small airport in our city to Port-au-Prince International Airport. They all said the seats were full or there was no itinerary, but it was wonderful that on Friday they suddenly told us to arrange a special plane for us to carry us.

The first time I sat on a small plane of 5 people in the heart of a little panic, unexpected pilots highly skilled, all the way smoothly to Port-au-Prince airport, directly from the tarmac walked backwards, into the terminal.

Even better, in the 30-minute flight, due to its low height, the beauty of Haiti's mountains and basins was seen.

This short trip was delayed by 3 days, but using these 3 days, we served those children in the orphanage, which was a wonderful arrangement for God.

Let me conclude by revealing to you how much grace we have. A five-seater special plane, specially flown from Port-au-Prince Airport, Haiti to take us back to Port-au-Prince airport, such a charter trip unexpectedly only 380 dollars. It's unbelievable. Hallelujah!