Nothing, everything.

Nothing, everything.

Look closely at this combination of pictures containing fresh beans, delicious oranges, boiled black sugar, pineapple crisps, and a glass of honey water, so inconspicuous patchwork, what exactly is the mystery or commonalities? You may see it, you may not see it at all.

It doesn't matter, I'll reveal the answer right away. Then share a moving story with you.

What's in common is that all five things are on the floor. Does nare? Especially pineapple crisps, black sugar, and that cup of honey water, shouldn't the background be a table or other furniture? Yes, it should have been taken on the table, but there was no table, so i had to put it on the floor.

This is about a story that "seems to have nothing, but it has everything".

A front-line evangelical worker supported by All Arise Shine is a lone bird preacher who has served God since he was 15 years old. He has been renting for the past 30 years.

A few years ago I visited him in the city where he lived, and saw that the house he was renting was very old. Maybe it's because the rent is cheap. After exploring, he knew his monthly salary, about 80 dollars. I asked him how he lived. He says it's usually the teacher sit-out, earn a salary, and support the family.

When I went to visit their family, it was a wonderful arrangement, when they were at a loss, because the mother had just given birth to a daughter, so I had to quit her job to take care of the children at home. Lose a family's main income, what will the future depend on to sustain the need for life? Rise glow at this time, obey God's move, began to intervene to help them.

Last year, as the gospel worker's two children grew older, he slowly had the idea of buying a house. At that time he had a chance to see a "cheap house", very happy to buy it, but found that he can only afford half of the first payment (in fact, the first payment is already very low), the other half simply can not raise money, do not know how to be good, very unexpected.

After I knew this, I immediately asked us to be in charge of the same work in the area, and allocated the other half of the required first payment to him, so that he could book the house smoothly. Our financial co-worker was a little puzzled by my decision to make such a large sum of money, but he gave it down.

After a long period of toss . The reason for this is the time- and hour- being that the evangelical worker's income is so low that it does not provide enough proof to the bank.

Recently he was pleased to tell me that he was finally moving into the new house. I am happy for their family and congratulate him.

Last week a sister who knew him made a brief stop from Taipei to the area, and yesterday the sister took the high train to visit him in the small city where he lived. Then the sister sent me a voice message.

She said, "Oh my God! There is nothing in the house. No sofa, no table, no chair, no dining table. The only furniture available is that his son's room has a small bed, and a small desk. Maybe it's because my son is going to china, buy a small desk.

As for their husband and wife and their young daughter, they simply lay a sheet, sleep on a hard, cold floor, and don't even have a mat.

The sisters looked more closely, and found that they didn't even have clothes hangers on their balconies. She's curious. How on earth did they get exposed to drying after they washed their clothes?

It seems that the whole living room is just two or three small children sitting on the bench! That day, the gospel worker cooked a meal for the visiting sister, who was sitting on a small bench.

Before leaving, the sister gave the gospel worker all the little local currency, and more than ten thousand Nt dollars from Taiwan, but only three or four hundred dollars in total. This was the help she was able to give.

This morning, more than 4 o'clock, I received this voice message, immediately contact our financial co-workers in the area, quickly remitted to the evangelical worker about 2,000 dollars of local currency, and left a voice message to the evangelical worker, asked him to use the money, to buy all the furniture needed inside, do not stay.

I didn't ask him to buy the furniture, take a picture of me, and make sure his house was fully equipped.

Later, the gospel worker came home and gave me a voice. He just said a few words: "Mr. X, thank you for your help, the money should have been used to help those in need, but you brought it to help me." Thank God."

I replied to him: "This is what God has touched me, to do so. You're happy and happy to close down. God's servants deserve the highest respect and kindness, which you deserve…"

Dear brothers and sisters, the gospel worker in this story, who has served God for 30 years, seems to have nothing, but in my opinion (and I believe in God's view, too), he is all kinds.

Because he sees a value that many people can't see, or many people have seen, but dare not do it. All these kinds are true, perhaps not in the manifestation of material life, but they do exist.

Let's not say God's reward in eternity, look at which of the natives in the picture, all of which his brothers and sisters served to know. As for his inner satisfaction and happiness, let alone happiness. And that's just a small part of what he's all like.

Dear brothers and sisters, life is short, and we often exhaust our heart and time in the pursuit of something. What is there? What is no (none)? It is really a question worthy of our careful and serious consideration. Is it possible that we think we all have everything (career, money, real estate, luxury cars, reputation,….) but in the end we have nothing?

All things in the physical world are neutral, how do we make these things we seek, the "all kinds" we can see, can also become spiritual and eternal, and not just end up, into a pile of ruins (paper, things), and nothing? I wish you all, and bless myself. Let us think and co- veer with each other.

After reading this article, you may be curious, are they really so nothing? I think the possible reason is, the current rise of glowal although monthly support for some of their salaries, but in addition to daily living expenses, the remaining small amount of money to accumulate as much as possible to pay off loans, will cause them to have no extra money to buy furniture, so the house will be so nothing!?