A divine call

A divine call

There are already five schools in remote villages in Haiti, employing more than 30 full-time teachers and co-workers, and more than 750 students.

We singled out all schools as Vineyard Primary School, followed by the name of the village, hoping that this barren country, through the perfusion of education and gospel work, would be productive and rich.

We practice the purpose of the gospel through education, so that this god-worshipping and god-like nation returns to the faith of the one true God. Therefore, to achieve the embodiment of this effect, we must have a good management and operation in the system.

Among them, an important job is teacher training. Usually once a month, all day long when classes are not available on Saturdays. In addition to professional training, and unified teaching methods, we also emphasize the teachers "thinking" education.

Today, while they were training, I was reminded by WhatsApp, once again, that they were not hired workers, nor merely a teacher's job, but a call and pick.

God wants to use them to help this suffering country and its people. Let the next generation of children, when the country takes charge, be able to renew the country, make this country rich.

Not only today through social media to tell them, every time I go to Haiti, there must be an afternoon with them to preach our gospel work in Haiti, to them in this difficult time, to play multiple roles and functions.

Rise glowing expectations, weeks they are a good teacher, also play the students' brother or father, Sunday is a church leader, usually the village community social workers.

I have to come face to face every time, one-on-one to get them to confirm, whether they are willing to respond to this call, ask them Yes or No. I will also understand to tell them, simply want to this job as just a teacher, earn some money to live, can leave now.

I also often move to share with them, I am a yellow person, living in the United States, with no connection with Haiti. If even someone who has nothing to do with you can come and love you, care for your children, you are Haitians, and should be able to love them even more.

Rise glow firmly believe that the luxury of buildings can not bring good quality of education, because this is not the focus. So each school only covers some simple buildings, spendthe least money, available as well. We prefer to bet on people with limited funds and resources than buildings.

What we value is the values and character of these teachers, and how much love they have with this piece of land and the people, deep lying in their hearts. We believe that if the teacher is good enough, even in thatched huts can educate the best students. Because people affect people, buildings can't influence people.

So not only do we have a complete evaluation system for students, we have a very "humanistic" assessment of each teacher. Over the past three years, these poor children in remote villages, each semester, in the region's academic ratings, have performed better than children in many urban schools.

Rise Glow set up a school in a remote village, employing six teachers (equal to supporting six families), educating 150 to 200 students, setting up a church, raising a village, plus serving more than 250 people a Sunday, so the annual cost is less than twenty thousand dollars.

Those who have been to these Haitian villages supported by the rise of glow ingenuity know that a simple school, with the support of a year of 20,000 dollars, can make a hundred years of loneliness, forgotten, unattended villages, from then on, vibrant.

Schools in these villages are not only educational centers, but also community centers, but faith centers. It's a place where everyone in the village often comes to stay.

We look forward to more people and churches being able to have this see and burden, with practical action, to devote themselves to the gospel work in this suffering country.

In this dark country, the gospel work of a single village may seem small, but it is like a candle, lit from a corner, illuminating a piece of earth, and when there are more small candles everywhere, will the dark earth gradually shine?

Moreover, the fruit of the gospel work, may not be 1 plus 1 plus 1… Slowly accumulate. Don't forget, the fruit of small candles, can also be like "the fire of the stars, enough to the original" oh! Bless you.