A church that is fully committed and put on

A church that is fully committed and put on

Last Sunday I was invited to a bilingual church in Anaheim (Anaheim), Southern California, to share. The church is situated in a small shopping mall. It is very unremarkable, both in terms of the appearance or interior of church buildings. But in the gospel work of the pay and put on, this church is very well.

Two days ago I received an email from this church director pastor, and in addition to politely thanking me for going to their church to share the message, he also very clearly asked me, what is the need for help in the current rise of the missionary work of glowing in Haiti? He asked me in particular how much it would cost to dig a well? Are there any new buildings to be built? Are there any gospel workers who need support?

In fact, I have only two times to this church, and this shepherd unexpectedly opened up, so generous and sincere willing to help us, let me very moved. So I wrote back and explained to him some of our needs this year, and asked him to pray and see, if touched, to help us in the Gospel work in Haiti.

Today, when I went to this church again for the Sunday party, I saw that the church was really a missionary church, praising the songs chosen from worship, the things they prayed for, the messages they preached, and so on … Most of them are with offering themselves, going out, walking with God, to all the nations, … About.

In reporting the matter, the director Pastor suddenly announced, "Dr. Gxx, we have good news for you now." We intend to support the rise of glowing digging a well in Haiti and building a new classroom in a school. According to the funds you need, we will write you a cheque for 12,000 dollars. This is our first support, will see the need will be added,……. "

In fact, you may not believe that we are just one of the dozens of missionary institutions supported by this church. The church's support in missionary work, generosity, "never soft." I had introduced the church slightly a few months ago.

The church is a small church with more than 100 congregation, but the annual contribution is about 1 million dollars, and the amount of money spent on supporting the country's missionary work has reached about 900,000.

The church is also said to support the largest number of full-time missionaries in the North American Chinese church, reaching more than 200 people. Such a pay should not come from a large church (Megachurch), but from such a small church. It's unbelievable. Xia so far, I can't help wondering if there are a lot of churches that don't even have a missionary to support!?

The director Pastor told me that he had dedicated himself to God in high school and had been to more than 100 countries for free consultations in more than 30 years (he was a priest and a physician). More than 30 years of missionary experience, so that their "knife more sharp," A lot of missionary work is aimed at the unborn people. He gave up the mission of the Congo, which did not even have the road to go. And gave the missionary work of North India, deep into the most dangerous places, ….

The director Pastor said their church was extremely rich and that there was more and more money "pouring into" the church as a result of its constant dedication and support for missionary work. He added that their church was also very one, because everyone served selflessly, with unity of purpose and vision, just to preach the gospel …

There are short teams out of the church at any time, to new strongholds that are existing or are about to be developed. There was a short team going to Panama and Haiti this week, and another short team is going to Syria next month,….

In order to devote resources as much as possible to missionary work, none of them were paid by a single person, all of whom were volunteers. I came a few times to see a young man pushing a trash can in a dishwasher, only to know today that it was their preacher.

As for the repairs, paints, and electrical work that many churches need, they try to go to Youtube and do it themselves. This afternoon the priest summoned a few brothers to paint the front of the church and do some environmental finishing. And the whole building of the church was donated by the director Pastor. Therefore, there is no cost of rent.

Although the church is only more than 100 people, but many people have many jebusite visit experience, the gene of Mission has been formed in their lives. As there are many supported missionaries and missionary institutions, church Sunday often has evangelical workers returning from missionary workshops, bringing back first-hand mission needs and current status. This ethos, the environment, and culture, greatly opened up the Church congregation's understanding of the missionary workshop, but also aroused everyone's fiery heart.

For more than more than 10 years, I have seen the Church of the Kingdom of God Guangbai, some of which are very good, and of great God's Glory (Christ's Church), which, like Anaheim, is still shining small. Some are long-term, up and down, rocking westward, and even on the verge of disintegration (Crippled/cracked Church). The same is the Church of God. Why is the scene so much worse!? I believe there are many reasons, not that I can analyze them all here.

But I was wondering if there was a possibility that when the church was able to respond to God's call and focus on the gospel work, it was like a muzzle to the outside world, and everyone was busy fighting outside, and the interior was naturally in unity.

When the Shepherd is able to bring the eyes of the congregation to the needs of the country, and see that there are many places in the world, in fact, more than they themselves, in the church, people will not complain about strife.

And the Church of God, why are there some churches that have been rich for a long time, some of which have been lacking for a long time, and even have to pay intense attention every week to 11 of the income of dedication? According to the biblical teachings, the truth should be simple, just to see that the church can not do it.

If the church consumes most of its resources, it will not be a circulating pipe for the time being to give it to the country, "guard against it" and "keep it without giving", and it can only be a pool of dead water in the long run. Only those who do not care with God, are willing to be generous to give, and constantly give the Church, God will continue to add resources, so that the tensor and breadth of this circulation utensils continue to increase, and more abundant.

Let us bless the churches of the whole land here, and we will be able to be a church willing to go out vigorously to bless the Dark places that the Gospel has not reached. In this way, the glory of God needs to manifest itself in these churches. Bless you and bless your church.