Blessed by disguise: Sometimes a momentary loss, injury, or unhappiness is not necessarily bad

Blessed by disguise: Sometimes a momentary loss, injury, or unhappiness is not necessarily bad

Yesterday, taking advantage of the opportunity at the Vienna Medical Association, I went on a day trip to Budapest, Hungary, with my fellow brothers. Budapest is only a 2.5-hour train trip from Vienna.

On the day before departure, we ordered round-trip tickets online. The time of the return train is scheduled to be 6 o'clock 40 in the evening. But because of the very cold weather in Budapest yesterday and the fact that we had all finished the main itinerary, we decided to take the earlier train back to Vienna.

According to my previous experience in taking a train in Europe, although I have bought a train ticket, as long as it is the same day, the same grade of train, we should be able to take a ride, at best, the price of different shifts will be a little difference, we will then make up the difference on the train.

So we got on the 5-point 40 train back to Vienna. Shortly after the car set off, the train ticket inspector came to check that we had a reservation record in the mobile phone. After he scanned it, he shook his head and said to us that the class we took was a different shift, so we had to buy the tickets again, so everyone had to pay another 53 euros, about 2,000 dollars in the TWD.

I told him at the time that I knew the train we were on was a different shift, but it was usually not just a supplement, would it be good? The ticket inspector was very firm in telling us that the one we had booked online was a cheap ticket, which we could only take, and if we didn't, the ticket would be void.

And we are now in this class, if the purchase of tickets at the railway station is 49 euros per person, but the purchase of tickets on the train is 53 yuan per person … At that time, two of us were surprised and frustrated, two eyes to see, speechless. In this way, a total of 106 euros were paid. Although the brothers of the fellow comfort said that there is no relationship, but for the usual thrifty me, intuition is very unlucky, not willing, and innocent. The heart has been dripping how to be different from my previous experience in Europe on the train?

But the money has been paid off, what can we say? Can only admit bad luck forget. At this time I have a thought in my brain, share with my fellow brothers, quickly check the internet to check, perhaps we originally booked that train can also have some refunds?!

The results of our online enquiries found that the train, which had not been built, could not be refunded at all. But surprisingly, I found in Google's search engine that there was an unpleasant experience of an Englishman traveling to Vienna before.

The Englishman shared that when he arrived in Vienna, he bought a few days of city tickets, a city ticket that was on sale in many tourist cities, convenient for local tourists to travel in a variety of different modes of transport, and that fares were much cheaper than buying them a single time.

We have also bought this kind of city ticket in Vienna these days, the validity period just to the morning of the day we are leaving, so we have been thinking that the day we leave can also make the final use of their means of transport S Bahn to the airport ….

But I was startled by the British sharing. He said that the day he had travelled to Vienna to leave, he used the city ticket to Vienna when he went to the airport to fly, and as a result, the ticket inspector in the car told him that the city tickets could not sit at the airport and had to buy another ticket. The other kind of ticket is actually about 10 euros, which is quite cheap.

But because he didn't buy it, the ticket inspector thought he was suspected of cheating, fined him 120 euros, and recorded the name of his passport, the number, and the address and phone call at his home in the UK. In other words, not only did he pay a huge loss of money, but the bad record also made him a black in the Austrian Government's archives.

I passed this piece of British travel sharing screenshot to the brother sitting opposite me and asked him to take a look. At that time, my original unpleasant and unlucky feeling, instantly became feel very thankful, we two people agree that today took the early train back to Vienna, and each was fined 53 euros, is simply a beautiful thing.

Without this experience, I would not have gone online to find out how to get a refund, so I would not have found this British share of the record, learned that from Vienna to the airport can not use the city ticket. That means that when we go to the airport in two days, each person will be fined 120 euros and leave a bad record in the Austrian government's file …

The two of us are happy for each person's loss of 53 euros, and thank God for this loss to avoid another greater loss after two days, with the suspicion of being deceived. After we got off the train, the two of us went to eat Sichuan food and celebrated it greatly.

Dear brothers and sisters, many of the sudden unpleasant experiences, losses, or wounds that occur in the journey of our lives, we do not know what the reason is, and often complain about these negative situations, the mood falls into the trough, and even blames God.

But is it possible that something will happen, just as we took a train back to Vienna from Budapest last night, where everyone was fined 53 euros, ostensibly unlucky, but actually let us avoid a bigger disaster? And let us learn more truthfully, the correct disposal of many things, can not only rely on the experience of the past to judge, must do a more realistic examination can be.

Is God also often in our lives, allowing something to happen, in fact, to protect us and avoid greater disaster and injury in the future? Bless you.