There will be great blessings to treat others with sincerity

There will be great blessings to treat others with sincerity

In mid-March, a short stay of 48 hours was spent in B City, Country C. The day I left was Sunday, so I visited a local church and shared information before leaving for the last few hours.

This one teaches me this time for the third time. Although it is not very deep to know them, but this small church for our current mission in Asia is of great help. They give us food on time every month. Let our evangelical work in some areas be carried out smoothly.

They have been grateful for the help we have had, and we can't believe that this short visit should have more to gain. The reason is that when I was entertained for lunch that day, the head of the church told me that their recent dedication was very good and asked me if I needed more help. Of course I answered him, say yes! If you like. Two days later, their fellow unions passed a full vote to give us more support.

The bond with this church has to be pushed back two years ago. At that time, I was invited to a large church in B city to lead the retirement meeting and the mission annual meeting. Using the gap in time, a friend introduced me to this little church and briefly shared the message. A short stay met a few fellow workers and left a WeChat business card with each other. That's all.

A few of their fellow workers came to North America to visit their friends early last year and contacted me before setting off to say they might go to Southern California and explain what day or two it might be. When they arrived in Northern California, I contacted them and said they would come to me if they went to Southern California. They said it was certain.

On the day of their established itinerary, I waited and waited without their message, so in the evening, I made a phone call to them and asked them if they had arrived in Southern California. The respondents said they were on their way to San Diego.

I mean, where the hell are you? They used Google Maps to show the location of their cars at the time. After I read it, I replied to them right away and said, hey, your position is right next to the city where I live. Get back from the freeway. It's all night. I'll take you to dinner! So I passed on the location of a nearby restaurant and asked them to drive over there and meet me.

We had a simple dinner at an American restaurant, and we all got to know each other more in the conversation. Of course, they also asked me what my current service was. I mentioned to them the rise of glowing work. Beyond my surprise, these are the core co-workers of the church, including the head of the church and finance.

It was natural for them to tell me that their church could support our work. When they get back, ask me to share the rising glowing needs with them, and they meet with the union before making a decision. And then of course it went well and passed the program that supported us.

This is the reason for the whole thing. A group of distant friends I do not know, have the opportunity to come to Southern California, I warmly entertain them a simple dinner, unexpectedly to our gospel work to bring so much blessing. Later, it was more shared by them that I learned that more than 90% of the church's dedication was used to support a lot of missionary work. We are just one of many groups that have been helped.

In my past years of life experience, I found that with sincerity and helpful people, these two things, in the end to bring me a great help.

For example, I used to help a young physician who couldn't write an article in a hospital in Taiwan, and I could see tears of gratitude in his eyes at the time. Later, I came to the United States to buy a house, still missing millions of, he unexpectedly without saying, also do not have to debit to borrow me.

Another thing is that in 1996, when I went back to Taiwan from Germany, I began to actively do some clinical research work. At that time, the department had a general physician to ascend and other research physicians needed an article, and the result was that the medical association had been withdrawn.

I see this situation and tell him, don't vote any more, I'll help you. At that time, I put the results of a liver cancer study I was doing, into a well-known medical journal in the United States, I listed him as the first author of this article, after the article published his Ascension and so on, of course, no problem.

At that time, I was advised to say, hey, why are you so stupid to give him such a good article in vain!? Your own research work is just beginning, not even a lecturer qualification?I answered him, the truth is very simple, if I can only write an article in my life, it does not matter if this article is sent to people.

On the contrary, if I am a very good person to do research, can write a lot of articles, that help people a piece of what it is! This is my attitude to the mind. To this day, although I have some academic achievements, I still take young people in this way, encourage them, not stingy with them, share my achievements with them, the result for myself to win a lot of friendship, and "forgetfulness."

In fact, people get along with people is very simple, that is to be honest. When you open your heart and treat people sincerely, others will be able to feel, but also with a sincere attitude to get along with you. On the contrary, if you appear to be sophisticated and guard against people everywhere, others will guard against you. Is that right?

Someone used a metaphor to say that people get along with people the best is to throw a direct ball, and not to throw a change ball, you will throw a change ball, others will vote more than you. I hope that these personal experiences will bless your brothers and sisters.