One step, one footprint.

One step, one footprint.

Preaching the gospel has never been a lighter to take the shortcut of things, must be a step in a footprint, with time and perseverance, slowly to plough, will blossom.

Take a look at the rising glow (all arise shine) in front of the missionary just sent back the photo, you will be very moved to see.

In the undulating mountains, in the mountains, faithful gospel workers, climbing across the mountain from this mountain, across the land, or praying for the sick, or making family visits, or setting up new meeting points, or preaching the gospel to existing groups, we see the effect of the Gospel in a vast expanse of mountains, slowly growing, germinating, and thriving.

There is no moist dry land, no bright light does not go into the darkness, there is no unbreakable dark power. As long as years of faithful on the put, an inch an inch of ploughing, a bit of watering, that need to be flipped, the glory of the Lord need to shine where.

Let the faithful evangelical workers in front of us be our best role models. Let us learn to value the lost soul and be willing to put ourselves on the table. The footsteps of the gospel, how Camry.