Wilderness fertilizer fields

Wilderness fertilizer fields

In a war-torn, evangelical-sensitive region of Central Asia, many men were killed because they were involved in the war, leaving orphaned widows, who were living alone and hard. Caring for children, having no job to do, and lack of material, make their daily lives very difficult.

Our brave missionary partners, at this time, choose to enter the local, to accompany them, and to help them.

In order for them to live on their own for a long time, self-sufficient, the missionary partners bought them a thirty acre of land at a very cheap price, with the intention that they could live and breed in this place in the future.

But in this stony wasteland, will there really be water? Will the trees grow in the future? Yes, we believe it will.

The Bible does not say, "He called the panstone into a pool, called the stone into a spring source" (Psalms 114:8), "the wilderness becomes a fat field, the fat field looks like a forest" (Isaiah 32:15)?

Rise Shine sees their needs, and is therefore involved in this work of confidence. In addition to supplies (blankets, solar lights, winter sweaters, children's toys), we also helped them dig a well on this newly bought farm, and built a huge cistern.

Let the residents of this extremely water – scarce area not only come here to fetch water, but also use the well for irrigation in the future.

The first phase of the project will plant 550 production trees, including 250 happy fruit trees, and 300 almond trees on the vast land of 30 acres.

During the planting season, which runs from November to January each year, if the saplings are two or three years old, not only have a very high survival rate (about 90%), but the harvest can begin after three or four years, the lives of these residents will be greatly improved.

In order not to delay the planting of the time, the rise of the glow promised to support 300 almond saplings, another 250 happy fruit saplings, but also waiting for the burden of brother ssister support.

At present the farm not only has a water well that can be used, the main body of a chicken coop is built, but also the first phase of the land is completed, and dug 550 small holes in the planting of saplings.

We believe that in a few years, in this area, which now looks like a wasteland, we can see rows of growing trees, as well as poultry and livestock that roam around.

By that time, these perennially war – torn people, it was necessary to enjoy a rich harvest with joy. Let us bless them.
Psalm 107:35-37 — He turned the wilderness into a puddle, called the dryland into a water spring, where he made the hungry live, to build a city where the living can live, to plant fields, to plant vineyards, to enjoy the land.