Priest's Speech (III)

Priest's Speech (III)

"The solid foundation of missionaryism was established on the knee"

That's what James O. Fraser, a British preacher, said.

Fu Nengren's commitment to missionary work in the mountains of southwest China, and the great influence that followed, can be felt even by the now gospel work of All Arise Shine. Because many of the missionaries we support, both in China and In Burma, are mostly the fruits of The Evangelicals of Funeng, the Yi people.

Among the many Yunnan minorities, the Yi may be the largest number of believers in Jesus, said to be more than 90 %. Such a huge transformation of a minority is inextricably linked to the rich and powerful.

In addition to the mountains of Yunnan, many have migrated to Burma over the past 100 years because of political instability or persecution, becoming important local evangelical workers.

In the year he graduated from college at the age of 22, he decided to embark on a journey to China to preach, until his death at the age of 52, having spent nearly 30 years in China.

Fu Nengren in Yunnan's remote mountainous areas of the evangelical work, the degree of hardship than we imagine. In addition to exhaustion in the process of over-the-mountain, hunger and cold is common place, due to the southwest China's air and sanitation conditions backward, the attendant mosquito bites, gastrointestinal diseases, malaria, typhoid fever, is also not spared. He was also hunted down several times by bandits and ethnic minorities in the mountains, almost without his life.

Those winding mountain roads, or the entangled epidemic, are nothing, and frustration is the deadly blow the dark wicked man has given rich ren. For many years, not only were the faithful who converted to Jesus were limited, but even those who had first-come-achiy fruits were attacked by the wicked, some were sick, some were possessed by ghosts, others committed suicide, and others returned to superstition and the devil's hostage.

The thought of the development of gospel work is difficult to progress, rich and human heart is full of all kinds of melancholy, loneliness and doubt voice." Has your prayer been fulfilled? You have been in China for five years. You think you're called a preacher, but you're just dreaming, and you'd better walk away and admit that it's a big mistake….

And all he can do at the moment is to obey and continue to pray. He knew he needed more support – a fellow prayer. So he wrote to his distant mother. Ask her to organize prayer groups, to gather like-minded friends, or in church, or in her own home, two or three people are no harm.

Because Fu Nengren more and more understand: he and the Church of God to complete the trust, in addition to indomitable character, but also need to continue unremitting, a large number of prayers.

As the army of prayer began to gather and march from all directions, the power of the Holy Ghost gradually converged, unwittingly becoming a great wave of ripples, and destroyed all the dark power that had been in place for thousands of years. The good news comes from one person, two people, one, two, here, there, near, in the distance. In 1916 alone, about two months of sermon sabbate, there were more than 120 family letters!

Funeng died of cerebral malaria at the age of 52. But other co-workers continue to work hard in Yunnan, and the Church continues to grow.

The preachers of the Yi people spared no effort to bring the gospel to one mountain after another, even crossing the border, to Myanmar and Thailand.

The Church is undoubtedly a page of legend in the history of modern propaganda. However, the focus of the story is not on the great preacher, but on the words of Fu Nengren: "The solid foundation of preaching is established on the knee", and believe this sentence, and practice, bring out the great fruit and change.

Dear brothers and sisters, the British reverent Funeng Renxuan used his 30 years of life, in the mountains of southwest China to write down his life legend, but also flipped the Yi almost the entire nation's faith.

A person's put, the impact can be so great. Like many other preachers, Fu Nengren's life also brings us deeper thoughts, how to leave some eternal imprints in a short life.

May these moving stories of human life not only touch our hearts, but also let us set our aspirations, act early, and live a more meaningful life. If we can't move forward in person, are we willing to use our knees to participate in the distant gospel work? Bless you.