A mentor of faith.

A mentor of faith.

Every time I return to Taiwan, I have the opportunity to visit Kaohsiung, and I will certainly take a look at Reverend Liu, who hopes for strings, and his gospel work. Of course, to eat the left camp of the Pickle pot is also a necessary itinerary.

This time, because there was just one I knew, the missionary from the Campus Fellowship from Texas. These two days also happened to be in Kaohsiung, so I invited their husband and wife to go to the hope string to see.

As the children have to cooperate with the time after class, the violin course is usually arranged in the evening. Then according to the degree of children, divided into many small classes, at different times of class. Since there was a large performance at the beginning of June, this time it felt very different when you visited, because at the same time there were five or 60 children who were stepping up their practice in preparation for the upcoming performance.

I stayed with the missionaries from afar and sat at the back of the class for a while to enjoy the children's performances. Although their ensemble has not reached a very high level, but think of most of these children from broken or poor families, from completely do not understand music, can not understand the notes began, after Liu Pastor and fellow workers do not bother, from the basic rooting course began, slowly stack, a period of time down, unexpectedly also played a model.

There were about 10 children among them, and because of the individual periods of short solo, it was clear that they were already quite good. Especially in the pitch, tone, sound quality of the stability, are quite excellent performance. Although still some distance from the professional level, but has been valuable.

After Class I asked Reverend Liu in particular, why did these children pull so well? He said the children were the first to come to Taiwan seven years ago and learn to do the piano with him. It is particularly gratifying to think that several of the first children have now become teaching assistants. Oh, yes! In a hurry, in a blink of an hour, it has been 7 years since Reverend Liu returned to Taiwan to work in the Gospel of music.

"Seven" is really a perfect number Ah! After more than 7 years of silent hard work, we see not only the fruit of music has slowly come out, spiritual and gospel fruit is also increasingly fruitful.

By learning the violin, these children, who had been scarred by life, were slowly healed, and built confidence in themselves, and saw the hope of the future. Today, there are children who have believed in the Lord, children who have known Jesus, children who have begun to pray, and so many parents who have begun to come to the church because of their children …

Over the past two years, news of hopes that string help and create children from vulnerable groups in southern Taiwan has spread to various media outlets in Taiwan. There are also more and more opportunities for performances, and the "field" is getting bigger.

At the Kaohsiung Cultural Center in early June, 800 seats of the concert hall, tickets have been sold more than 50%. When you think about the origins of these children, and you never dreamed that you have the opportunity to learn the violin, you will understand that this is really an achievement.

Applause and Glory will not fall from the sky themselves. The results of these long-term solid work, if not 7 years ago, Pastor Liu obeyed God's moved, really see the value of the soul above all else, willing to let go of the life of the United States Anshu, leave their own family, even though at that time, although Liu Pastor is still saddled with a lot of mortgage and children's study loan, still willing With a path of faith and persistence, and years of work with God, we will not see God's wonderful act today, manifested in some of the weak children in the south.

Today, while it is hoped that the strings have achieved some results, the path of faith and persistence in the gospel work for vulnerable children must continue. As more and more children learn the piano, the more teaching hours, the more the time is more and more rolling, personnel and all kinds of expenses, of course, more and more, but the income can not be increased proportionally.

With the rise of glowing (all Arise Shine) supporting the gospel work of the hope string, every time I meet with the pastor and Mrs. Liu, I ask them about their ministry and financial situation.

The other night, when we went to the left battalion to eat pickled pot on the way, I was surprised to learn that in recent months due to insufficient funds, Pastor Liu has not received a salary, their husband and wife throughout the month toil, busy with the compensation of the music teaching work of vulnerable children, even a new graduate of the university is not as good.

But because they are focused on the right things, coupled with the simplicity of life and the firmness of confidence, they still enjoy their income, even though they are so Weibo. When I parted that night, I said to them, I must say it to me when I really can't hold it. And they answered and said, we may also,…..

The rise of luminescence originally had a great burden to serve and help in the missionary workshop, many like the hope of the string of pastor Liu this unsupported lone bird preacher, but after a long period of interaction and understanding with them, I actually found that the most beneficial is my own.

These are in the heart of God, full of their own missionaries are my spiritual mentors, their selfless sacrifice not only touched my heart, enriched my life, but also I believe in the object of learning on the road. They let me know that the true Christian faith is to put myself in total, to care for and to create the people that God created. Let us sincerely wish to be in front of the missionary workshop, like Reverend Liu to put on their own gospel workers!