The beginning of the "new" : the power of small money

The beginning of the "new" : the power of small money

Last year, All Arise Shine, a preacher in The Chin state in northern Myanmar, asked me if I could help with the reconstruction of a dilapidated kindergarten in the area. After I looked at the photo and asked in detail about the condition of the kindergarten, I readily agreed.

Despite the delay in the overall war and the rainy season, the new kindergarten is finally almost finished. At present, there are some detailed work, including the decoration of doors and windows, and the paint needs to be completed, but the teachers have been eager to move the entire kindergarten into the new building.

Look at this combination of pictures of the old and new contrast, you will very much agree with me, indeed very different, but also very people look forward to. I believe that when the whole building is finished, it will be much more beautiful than it is now.

Guess how much this second-floor building will cost? You may not believe it, if you live in Beijing, Shanghai, or Taipei, the construction cost of this whole house may be only one-fifth to one-tenth of the price of the house you live in, do you believe?

That's the power of small money. Of course, these little money must be spent in the right places to have a way to make their difference.

Let us wish this kindergarten with more than 20 children to have a fresh start, and enjoy learning, games, and life in the midst.