Disappearing man.

Disappearing man.

The Gospel work of denouncing Tijuana Mexico, strongly supported by the rise of glowing (all Arise Shine), in a recent letter from the Gospel worker addressed to me about some of Mexico's phenomena, is lamentable and sad.

When the Gospel worker spoke of his first time in Mexico, he was very frustrated to see the general moral depression inside and outside the church. He talked about cohabitation in Mexico is a common thing. The mother of a single parent can often be seen changing from this family to that family, and a woman's child often never comes with a man. This phenomenon is commonplace in this country.

Why are women so drifting around, and why are children so helpless? Basically, a lot of problems in this country come from missing (often) men. Let's take a look at the following two testimonials.

Witness one: Nayeli (pictured left) is a single mother with a high degree and is a lawyer, but was previously in law school when he suffered from Mr. 's domestic violence. So he fled the family. He has a 20-year-old son and a 5-year-old daughter.

After coming to the church, Nayeli received the training of his disciples, which was greatly created. At present, she is fully equipped and has a great burden on women who have the same experience as her. Hope to be able to help them.

After training, she is currently the head of the single mothers group. Before each group began, the priest often met her one-on-one and prayed together. Not only did she help a lot of women who were affected by violence, she also recovered herself from her service.

Witness two: Gerado (pictured right) is one of several spiritual sons of the evangelical workers who currently live with them. Take this opportunity to also receive disciple training. On the face of it, Gerado is a great young man with a normal office job. But when he opened his heart and talked to us about his traumatic childhood, it gave us a greater understanding of him.

He grew up in a poor family in his childhood, and his father would abuse him and later grow up with the mother of his single parent. He said he often had to eat a lot, because of the fear of eating this meal, do not know where the next meal?

Even if Gerado has a successful career, deep down he needs to have an image of a father. That's why our evangelical workers will pick him up to live with them. Through a long period of contact with the same stay, the Evangelical worker has the opportunity to share with him the same growth background and encourage him.

Children who grow up in a family without a father, sometimes in their hearts like an orphan, can not find themselves. So he is now also undergoing Sozo therapy (an internal healing). Expect to be able to recover his ego (Identity) through this healing. We are glad that he will be baptized in the coming week.

From these two examples, you can see how important a normal man is to his family. The Gospel worker spoke of the majority of the sisters in his church who were single mothers. Why is this phenomenon particularly pronounced in Mexico? According to his inference, it may be related to faith (not necessarily correct, of course, or you may not believe it).

In Mexican culture, most people believe in Guadalupe, the Mexican version of the Virgin Mary. She was said to have appeared somewhere, indicating that she was the mother of Jesus. In this image of the Virgin Mary (pictured below), what do you see?

Maria, the mother of an ordinary Jesus, was wrongly "magnified" by the worship of the Virgin Mary, while the real Messiah Jesus was very small at Maria's feet. Over the past hundreds of years, has this cult of maternal error, and the portrayal of men wrong, contributed to the fact that in most Mexican families, men often lose or disappear?

So the responsibility to support the family falls on the mother's shoulder, the man is not lazy, idle, is drinking or domestic violence, such a generation after generation cycle. It's like believing they rely on Maria, and they can't see the father. For the father seems to be far away from them. When something really happens, they can only approach the father by praying to the priest. What a false and incapacitated belief system this is, and perhaps for that reason, there are only a very small number of normal and healthy families in this country.

Xia so far, let me feel more that the current rise of glowing strong support for the gospel work in Mexico is of great significance. On the one hand, we help some single mothers who are affected by domestic violence, on the one hand, we also build the next generation of young people, so that their hearts are healthy, but also from this father's loss of the generation of curse.

Nowadays, many men, after marriage, often like small children, should play the spiritual pillar and cover of the family, as well as prop up a large umbrella of the family, so that the family can cover the wind and rain responsibility, it is gone. For this reason, how many fatherless and broken sad people have been produced? The same man, I am here to shout loudly, the man in the family Ah! Wake Up!Where are you?

Finally, I would like to use the two words of the Bible to remind and exhort all men (including myself).

Malachi Book 2:5-although God's spiritual ability to build many people, he is not a single person?Why did you build only one person?It is he who wishes a pious descendant.Therefore, when you keep your hearts, no one can be deceitful to the wife you marry at an early age.

Malachi 2:3, 4&6-you have done another such thing, so that your ex-wife sighs and weep tears to cover the altar of the Lord, so that the Lord no longer looks after the offering, nor does he gladly take it from your hands.

….. For the Lord Bears witness between you and the wife whom you have married in your youth.Though he is your spouse and the wife of your covenant, you have treated him with deceit.

The Lord, the god of Israel, said, the things of repudiation and those who rape their wives are what I hate!Therefore, do not be deceitful when you keep your hearts.This is the word of the Lord of hosts.