The Power of Small Money (III)

The Power of Small Money (III)

Dear brothers and sisters, how many people are there in your family? How many bathroom skits are in the house? Take my family, my family has four people, but there are three sets of bathroom equipment.

I think modern family, no matter where to live, how big the house, even if there are only a few people inside the home, there are two or three sets of bathroom equipment is a common thing. This is the standard of modern life!

But in today's world, there are still many places, there is no toilet available Oh! People who often go out to preach, often hear a joke, go out to the toilet, don't forget to bring a shovel, their own cooking. Girls need to bring an umbrella….

The children in the picture, about 200, are students at a gospel school in northern Shan State, Myanmar. Most of these children come from families who have fled.

The school mainly teaches children Chinese, but also to preach the gospel. There are 60 of the 200 children, because the family is still on the mountain, the way to school is long, so usually live in the school.

All Arise Shine has recently started to link up with the evangelical school's institutions, so try to help them with some of their renovations. After my initial understanding, they have a lot of living facilities really need to be improved.

In terms of toilets, 200 children usually have only two toilets, how can this be enough? No wonder the responsible preacher told me that this was the most urgent thing they needed to improve.

In addition, 60 children staying, regardless of age, are responsible for their own three meals cooking. School officials say, "The parents of these children usually go down the hill once a week to catch up, just by the way, and bring some needed rice and green vegetables.

But many times, they eat very simple, not only no meat to eat, but also must often eat pickles. I asked the person in charge, what if a very small child can't cook? He replied, "There will be bigger children to help.

Oh, my God! 60 children are responsible for their own three meals, meal time so close, how can the kitchen enough? Look at the dilapidated kitchen in the photo (right), it's hard for them.

I told the person in charge, indeed the toilet and the kitchen are two first improvement. I asked him to ask the church to know how to build people to plan, more planning a few toilets and kitchens, so that they do not live so hard.

Two days later, they put forward a plan for me, a total of 8 toilets, four for men and four men. There are two bathrooms, one for each man. The kitchen was added to three. Let them cook together at the same time.

I looked at the cost of their detailed materials, with the salary of hiring a master, and repeatedly asking some of the places I didn't know, and finally I decided to bear the cost entirely by rising glow. And told them to keep in touch with me during the construction process, let me know the progress.

Guess what, the new eight toilets, two bathrooms, three kitchens, plus some desks and chairs and door and window maintenance, to give 200 evangelical students and 60 students a more convenient life, how much does these total costs?

You'll be startled, less than $6,000 (NTD less than NT$200,000, RMB less than $40,000). Such a worthwhile investment, I would jump up in the middle of the night and promise them. Do you agree?

Dear brothers and sisters, believe me, if you already have some (or a lot) of savings, continue to accumulate more wealth, the meaning of your life should not be great.

On the contrary, if you are willing to come up with a small portion of your savings to help work as meaningful as in this article, you spend money, not only will not feel lost, but will feel very satisfied! Because of the small give, but will make your life greatly enriched. This is the power of small money, and small money used properly of the mystery. Bless you.