Give them fish to eat first, then give them the fishing rod!

Give them fish to eat first, then give them the fishing rod!

The first problem to work on the Gospel in a poor and backward place is how to help them improve their existing environment and living standards.

A backward region (or country), the reason for this situation, behind it is actually affected by a lot of factors, and has accumulated over the years, so to change their current situation is not an easy thing.

A lot of people who haven't been to jebusite often come up with the argument that instead of giving them fish all the time, it's better to give them a fishing rod. That sounds reasonable, but in fact it highlights the speaker's jebusite of the word.

In backward countries, in a region that we are completely unfamiliar with, if we want the gospel work to go smoothly, we must first give them grace to help solve the predicament of their current life.

For example, we supply food in Haiti, run schools, dig wells, supply solar lights, and other living materials. These are the "fish" we have to carry to the area to show what we know, accept, and help.

After that, when we know the area more clearly, we can provide the right local "fishing rod" according to the local characteristics.

Learning to use fishing rods of course requires some training process, and when they are able to practice, these fishing rods can help them fish and improve their lives.

Rise glowing in Haiti after more than 3 years of giving them "fish to eat", from the end of 2018, we began to teach them how to use fishing rods to fish.

At present, we are carrying out two courses in the local area, one is the production of slippers every Saturday morning, the other is the training of sewing classes, both of which produce products that are needed locally and therefore have the potential to improve their quality of life.

We hope that in the near future there will be other viable fishing methods to provide them with learning, so that they really learn the skills of life, slowly able to stand on their own feet.

As the head of a missionary institution and promoter, I often remind myself to be patient, before they generally learn to fish, or to give them food to eat, after all, it is important to set the goal of the gospel, but also do not think too much, since the gospel work is to bring God's love and mercy to them, how about giving them a few fish? ?

In fact, I think they also want to stand on their own feet, but the limitations of many factors, and the loop, so that they want to quickly stand on their own feet is not fast. Knowing this, we will be able to wait more with more empathy and accompany them for some time. You say so, don't you? Bless you.