Challenging for tougher tasks

Challenging for tougher tasks

These beautiful houses on the outskirts of Kokang Street, Myanmar, guess how much is it for such a house to be built? You'll be surprised if you know the answer.

The rise of All Arise Shine, led and supplied, has also recently helped refugees build houses. The nine refugee families we helped in Kokang Old Street are almost complete.

And last month, we also promised a gospel agency in Myanmar to help five refugee families to build houses.

These two plans to help refugees build houses have in fact cost us a lot of money outside our annual budget. Unexpectedly, our Burmese preacher put me another need the day before yesterday.

On the outskirts of Old Street, there is a refugee camp, the local government divided some land a few years ago, to give free to some, and specific homeless refugees build their own houses, the preacher said. Over the years, most of the refugees who had land had built their houses. But there are ten families of refugees, because of extreme poverty, have been unable to build their own houses.

The local government recently told them, "If you delay it any longer, if you don't build a house, the land that was supposed to be given to them will be taken back. The families of these ten refugee families were certainly frightened to hear the news, and i don't know how to be good.

When our preacher knew the news, he relayed the situation to me and asked me if I could help. He also told me in particular that they were Christians.

I asked him, "Build a simple house, if you build it yourself, how much is it in the local area?" He gave me a number, and I refused directly. I told him it was impossible. If the rise of the glow of all the burden, our finances will certainly be dragged down.

I shared with him, "It is not easy to build a home, although I am a doctor income is good, but also rent a house for more than ten years, before being able to buy a house." Most people in the world, whether they have money or money, have to fight for many years to own a house of their own.

I insisted on telling him that if these refugee families want me to help them, they have to pay for themselves, whether it's borrowing or asking friends for help. This is part of their own efforts, and only then will they cherish them in the future. If I had helped them build a house, and they would have stayed directly, they wouldn't have realized what was hard to come by….

So, I set a support for each house, about 50% of the total cost. The other 50% have to work on their own. I'll help if I want to, i won't pull it down….

I continue to share with him, if they really don't have money, then use the 50% of the money I give to cover a very simple, shelter from the rain. The house is at least its own nest. It's better than living in a refugee camp.

After our preacher communicated with the refugees, they certainly happily accepted my offer, ready to start building a house.

In fact, the refugee family built a house, but only a few thousand dollars. But if we help a lot of households at a time, that's a lot of burden.

The rise of glowing gospel work, never thought of building a house for a refugee family this thing, but since God has led us, we are fully obedient, to help these long-displaced, homeless refugee families.

For a mission that has only been in existence for just four years, helping refugees build new houses is a huge financial burden, but we are willing to see him as a challenge, and embrace it. Because the thought of the house built, these people, finally have their own home, their joy I can feel.

Dear brothers and sisters, I have estimated a little, a refugee family cost, may be you now live in the house 1 Ping price is less, if it is a good place of luxury, it may be only the price of 1 0 th the house 1 Ping. In other words, as long as the average person lives one to one – tenth of the price, you can build a house for a refugee family.

Finally, the answer is finally to be published. A three – bedroom, a simple refugee family, the price of construction including the belt material about 5,000 dollars. If only material spending alone, about 3,000 dollars. Bless you.