Never Forgotten (II)

Never Forgotten (II)

The timing has entered mid-May, late. The summer vacation is almost here. I myself have not forgotten the story of last summer vacation, when the glowing lone bird preacher drove from the mountainous areas of southwest China to Xishuangbanna, on the Burmese border, to visit the bereaved sheep for more than 20 years.

This is a deeply touching story of Reunion. Last summer I wrote a short essay "Never Forgotten" to describe the whole thing. After reading it, a sister from Sichuan, China, sent me a WeChat message saying that she was moved by the story of the excited tears ….

Hundreds of km long road all journey, a round trip must take many days, the cost is also a lot. In order to encourage our missionaries to have the opportunity to visit some of the flocks in Xishuangbanna this year, I called him two days ago to encourage him to make sure to empty the summer vacation to see them again, and the rise and shine of the cost will bear all the burden.

20 of separation, the two sides must have a lot of stories and life experiences to share with each other. Let us wish them a reunion this summer.

Here is the passage written last year.
Never forgotten.

On the axis of the journey of life online, the time goes on and on, the past is constantly going backwards, the two are getting further and farther away … But a lot of people who have been gone for a long time, but by a thing tightly linked together, that is the memory. Memory makes some distant things more and more precious, if possible, we all longed to find him one by one back.

A lone bird preacher in the mountainous mountains of southwest China, supported by the rise of glowing, lives in a town about two hours from Kunming. He recorded the following gospel visit in early August 2018. It was a reunion tour that had been in the dream for 20 years before it was able to make it. There is a story about a young "shepherd" who was separated from him by the "flock of sheep" of the year.

"The whole speed is 660 km from Maitreya to Jinghong. It takes 8 hours to drive in a row. If you don't take the highway, it will take a full 15.5 hours to get there. It is 40 km from Jinghong to the Olive Dam. It is more than 10 kilometers from the Olive dam to the party place. It is more than 100 kilometers from the Olive dam to the Jinna Dam. Yiwu, from the Olive dam to the Mengla, is also more than 100 kilometers. "

20 years ago, the lone bird preacher was still a young man in his early 20. In the early days of his service, he used to preach the gospel everywhere in a vast area covering several counties and cities. Wenshan Prefecture Qiubei County, on the east side of Yunnan, is one of the areas he served. At that time, there were many seedlings living in the area. Every time this young preacher goes to Qiubei County to preach the gospel, he often has to walk a day or two, and when he is hungry on the journey, he can only grab the meal wrapped in his bag in his hand.

As a result of frequent visits to the local area, the young preacher naturally established deep feelings with the Miao people. Gradually, the gospel also spread to more than 40 Miao people's families. Unsurprisingly, due to the relationship of ethnic hatred, the official intervention in the investigation, and then the 40 families believed in the Miao family of Jesus as a heresy cult, several people were imprisoned for many years, many families of property and goods were confiscated. The more than 40 families were later forced to leave their homes and migrate to Xishuangbanna, to the south of Yunnan. With the Chino of their original residence, the two places are nearly thousands of miles apart.

A sudden incident that left a young shepherd separated from the many flock of sheep he guarded. For 20 years, the lone bird preacher had never forgotten his lost flock of sheep, but he knew only that the seedlings, who had been forcibly relocated, now lived to the south of Yunnan, but did not know exactly where they were. On the other hand, because the two places are nearly thousands of miles apart, and the preacher has been living in a quandary for years, and there are no cars, therefore, that is miss, also can not put into action to pursue.

20 years later, the opportunity finally came up. A Miao man who was persecuted and jailed that year, after his release from prison, went to work in Kunming. In recent years, the Miao people through a number of channels, and many inquiries about the news, and finally found this year shepherd their lone bird preacher. So, through the Miao man's contact, the Shepherd finally got in touch with the 40 families of the seedlings who had been separated for 20 years.

Although the preacher currently has a car, but there is no entanglements can go thousands of miles away to Xishuangbanna to visit them. In order to make the trip, he had to misappropriate his son's pocket money savings for many years as a cost of the journey. Although these 40 families have migrated to Xishuangbanna, they are scattered throughout the diaspora. Some live in olive dams, some live in the Jinna Dam, some live in Yiwu, Mengla, and some live elsewhere.

Lone bird preacher from one place, through the bend of the difficult mountain road, to another place, after, to another place, …. One place, and he met the flock of sheep he had been separated from for many years. 20 years ago, the adult seedlings he had shepherd were now two-gray. The little girl of the year, now the mother of a child, the little boy of the year has also become the father of the child.

But the old age and the disappearing childhood can not block their desire and excitement to meet, in a few days, they are happy to eat and drink together, night parties, talk about God's words, in this brief joyous time, there are their ancient memories of the past, these memories are so clear, so beautiful, worth their time, Again's fine taste.

When parting, Miao people prepared their own production of bananas, raised chicken, with a large bag of agricultural, piled with lone bird preacher's car, and repeatedly invited him to visit them two times a year …. Just two places apart thousands of miles, mountains and rivers, really do not know when the reunion is.

When he left, although the preacher and the Miao people he had been herding, did not know whether there was still a chance to meet, that is met, and did not know when? But there is one thing they are very sure of: 20 years ago, a fiery young preacher walked day and night, worked hard, went to Wenshan prefecture Qiubei County, preached the gospel to them, and let them know the good memories of Jesus, which they never forgot.

Romans 10:15–The gospel, the people who preach, and the beauty of their footsteps.

** PostScript, the rise of glowing in the knowledge of this touching reunion story, immediately left a WeChat voice message to the lone bird preacher, willing to visit the group of lambs in Xishuangbanna every year in the future, each time to provide him 2,000 yuan, as a travel support.