A good opportunity to invest in the Kingdom of Heaven: helping to build an orphanage in Burma

A good opportunity to invest in the Kingdom of Heaven: helping to build an orphanage in Burma

There is now a good opportunity to invest in the Kingdom of Heaven near Lasso in north-central Myanmar. The rise of glowing (all Arise Shine) is willing to share it with you here.

In a village dozens of kilometers from Lasso, a preacher who loved the Lord carried out a gospel work for children in this place in 2013. At first, 11 children were admitted, and now there are nearly 40 children.

Most of these children do not have the opportunity to read because of the war. There are Deong, Lisu, Dai, Kachin, Hutu, and Han.

Of all the children, 12 children are currently able to pay about 90 yuan a month. The remaining 20 children did not pay for food because of their extreme poverty.

So it's really not easy for a keen preacher to take care of these children. Contains food and clothing, as well as learning, there is a great need.

For the sake of the cost of the entire children's centre, the preacher, who is eager to love the Lord, will create jobs in addition to ministry. Therefore, on the one hand, he helps others build a house, do welding, to maintain the current needs of the Ministry.

Now the children live in places that he has built himself. However, because of the limited space and the large number of people, so the living environment is very crowded.

In the front, he bought a two-storey old house and tore down his heavy cover. At present, it will take about 25,000 yuan, about 4,000 dollars and less, to complete the whole construction work. In the future, the building will ease the problem of students living in space, and there is a floor that can also be used as a place for students to do their homework and worship.

Usually they also need some rice, student supplies, as well as clothing, shoes supply.

The rise of luminescence has been devoted to the gospel work of children in Myanmar, and the brothers and sisters are also welcome to participate together.

Our little help kept these children, built their lives, and made them know God. Without our help, the future fate of these children may be in monks ' temples, or in the mountains to grow drugs, and even take drugs, in the footsteps of their parents.

Rise glowing think this is a heavenly investment of the performance stocks, worthy of our investment, in the future recycling hundred times in the sky, do you think? Bless you.