Pave the way for them.

Pave the way for them.

A few years ago, one night at a prayer meeting, a shepherd prayed for me and said, One day I would build roads for them in the mission workshop ahead. At that time, I was very puzzled, i thought how possible? Isn't it the government's business to build roads?

Just myanmar's preacher sent these photos, I just woke up like a dream to find that this prophecy really achieved.

All Arise Shine, a small village near the northern Burmese city of Lasan, supports a children's center with about 40 children.

Because of the remotelocation, the children have to go to school every day to walk a mud road, in order to connect to the village asphalt road. The rainy season is often muddy, difficult to walk.

A while ago, my preacher contacted me, could it help them, pave the way, and let them walk a little better? This section of road, less than a kilometer. it makes their lives so inconvenient.

In fact, wearing is to lay some sand, and then some of the sand flattened, so that when it rains they will walk a lot more. It is much easier for people in and out of children's centres, or to carry goods.

Give them a more convenient life, and we can do it, this help must help.

Look at the pictures, these children's center children, working together, in less than a day to pave the way. Their mood of joy was evidently overflowing with words.

This less than a kilometer of mud road, the cost of laying fine sand, a total of only about 350 dollars. Do you say it's worth it? That's the power of small money (The power of small money.)

Let us wish these children in war to live a better life.