Let them have a happy time to eat.

Let them have a happy time to eat.

The Hmong children's centre in the Kokang region of northern Myanmar currently has 11 children. As the centre still has free space, the preachers who take care of these children are interested in looking for the children of more than 10 broken families on the mountain, bringing them to the mountains to take care of them, and giving them the opportunity to read.

This see and decision, in fact, also has the rise of glowing (all arise shine) in the back of the push and support. Because after the increase in the number of children in the future, we will bear all the expenses.

In order to welcome the arrival of these 10 new children, the existing buildings must do some renovation work. The first thing to improve is the kitchen. As can be seen in the picture, the current kitchen is actually in the back of the house of the illegal building, just with a simple iron cover, no door, the whole kitchen inside is naked open outward.

In this situation, when it rains, there must be raindrops splashing into the house, in winter, because there is no cover, it must be very cold. After the preacher in charge of the area asked me for his needs, we certainly immediately agreed to pay for the full improvement works.

In fact, it should be more correct to say that the renovation works, rather than the improvement works. Because the old Tin House kitchen has all been torn down. Now 4 walls are being built with pieces of bricks, iron doors have been installed, and roofs will be covered with tiles. It is expected that the whole project will be completed in a week.

We look forward to seeing the future in this new kitchen, 20 children around the two or three table table to eat, talk and laugh, happy scene. All year round, no matter what the weather outside, or the wind, or rain, or in the cold weather, they can have a happy meal.

Let us bless these more than 20 children in the future and have a happy life and study time in this children's center.