Give them a warm winter.

Give them a warm winter.

Precious winter clothes and blankets, which had come all the Danai from Taiwan, continued to be distributed in the Burmese region. Look at the joy of the poor Burmese people in the pictures getting blankets and clothes. Also look at a small orphanage for young men and women, wearing white (boys) and blue (girls) sweaters, that handsome and beautiful look.

More than half of the supplies will be sent to the coldest evangelical sermons, along with Pansuang, near the Indian border. The people over there are more poor and lacking than the people of the Danai.

We are well aware that missionaries can be seen going door to house to deliver clothes, pray with them, and build relationships.

The distribution of the entire material, the missionary gave a clear record-

The basic distribution of this material is as follows:
1. 100 blankets were sent to the most difficult and uncovered man near Germany. Sweaters some
2. 100 blankets are ready to be sent to Pansaung.
3. The children of the three kindergartens have a total of 128 sets of jumpsuit and 128 scarves, woolly hats, gloves, socks.
4. Gospel Sermon point 1 box sweater, 1 box trousers, 1 box scarf
5. School a box of trousers
6. All the rest of the supplies were sent to Pansaung.

The place where we send supplies is in the hinterland of Kachin State in northern Myanmar, from where it is only more than 100 kilometres from the Indian border, and is the main place inhabited by the Akka people. Pansaung is a border village between Myanmar and India.

Thanks to the strong sponsorship of the Joseph Granary Association in Taiwan. There are also more than 10,000 sweaters and more than 3,000 jumpsuits in the warehouse of the Granary Association, which are our best tools for preaching the gospel.

Let us bless these poor Burmese people, not only to get material help, but also to know the Almighty God in the future.