Give them a light of life (II)

Give them a light of life (II)

The short-Arise team of the Evangelical partner Joseph Granary Association, which has sprung up glowing (all, Shine), is currently serving in the mountains of northern Thailand. Although I can not walk with them, but must be the rise of glowing blessing to bring them to the past, these blessings are in fact the wishes of many brothers and sisters and put on.

Rise and shine this time will help 40 children in the mountains of northern Thailand pay their tuition fees, giving them the opportunity to study at school. It will then help dig 14 wells in Cambodia and supply 100,000 of dollars worth of mosquito nets to local villagers.

In Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, the mountainous inhabitants of northern Laos are more poor than we think. It's a whip, forgotten, unattended, unattended place.

The Tian preacher of the Joseph Granary Association gave an example of a spiritual son who was in the mountains of northern Thailand, was married in his early 20, and had a child who had a hard job getting about 200 nt dollars a month. NT $200??? Is there a mistake? It's not a hourly salary, it's a monthly salary. This is their real life.

Many local children certainly do not have the opportunity to read. Because the young people here wages are very low, even the basic life of the food and clothing problems, how to be able to help children pay school fees?!

But no matter what kind of environment people grow up in, the thirst for knowledge seems to be innate. On the day the school was registered, the children who were helped were already anxious to wait, fearing that we would not help them pay their tuition fees and not be able to read, and so on when they saw the leader of the short propaganda team go to the school to pay the money, the big stone in their hearts came down and smiled.

In the picture, the little boy is 8 years old, his father died ill and his mother went to jail. He and his sister sojourn in different relatives ' homes. The little boy took the initiative to run to the local tribe of the church to say that he wanted to read, the tribal pastor in the short team to help other children pay tuition, told the leader this matter, the leader is certainly willing to help him pay tuition, so that he can go to school smoothly.

As long as the local villagers go to the church for help and want the children to read, we will basically try to help them. Through the Joseph Granary Association, we have helped 40 children to study in the area this year, and if more people come over in the future to ask for help, we will also lend a helping hand.

Most of us have received a lot of education in modern society, and it is difficult to imagine the pain and predicament of illiteracy. But we believe that giving them the opportunity to read is like opening a window in the eyes of their hearts, allowing them to see a wider world, with limitless possibilities in their future lives.

Of course, we also hope that these children will be helped by the present recipients, and when they grow up in the future, because of their education and more opportunities to take the opportunity to become a helper, so that many people in need will also receive their help and let the cycle of love continue.

Even in these poor and backward places, politics, society, and life are very volatile, but as long as we are willing to reach out, seize the opportunity to "read one day a day", "read a year for a year", so that they from illiterate (0) into non-illiterate (not 0), and then become knowledgeable, knowledgeable people, we believe Their lives will change forever.

Xia so far, I think of a story that a friend told me. This friend lives in a big city in the United States, and Mr. is a Jew. The Jew didn't want to read after high school and wanted to open a convenience store. His family painstakingly advised him that you could do anything in the future, but please finish reading the university first …

When I was working in a Taiwanese hospital in my early years, I received a very famous professor of Jewish medicine from the University of Penn State. I asked him a question at the time-"What are your three biggest expectations for your child's life?" he replied, "Reading, reading, and reading."

The emphasis on knowledge has made Jews the best people in today's world. Because they know that even in turbulent times, as long as people are alive, knowledge will follow for a lifetime, and no one can seize it. This perception should have been in many countries around the world before they were persecuted, moved everywhere, learned it?!

The rise of luminescence has a great burden on the education of children in backward and poor areas, so we have opened several schools in Haiti, and more than 500 students are currently enrolled. Orphan schools are also supported in the mountains of XX, and children in several children's centres are also helped to study in northern Myanmar. We also offer grants to children from poor families in certain parts of country C to be able to study.

We believe that the children of these poor and backward areas are as precious to us in the eyes of God, and that they are made wonderful and extremely intelligent, and that all they lack is opportunity and creation. Some of the children who were helped in northern Thailand, according to the school's teachers, were among the best at the top and very good.

Similarly, the rise of luminescent schools run in remote villages in Haiti, although hard equipment is extremely rudimentary, the results of the past few years of learning evaluation are better than those of most urban schools. We are convinced that if someone pulls these children who are unable to read, their future lives are most likely to change completely.

Dear brothers and sisters, what we put on a little bit is the infinite creation of their lives, do you say this investment is worth it? I'd say it's worth it.

So I have been with the rise of glowing in various jebusite missionaries said, we still have a lot of capacity (space, ability) to help children in need, please try to find it! Believe me, this is a very meaningful investment in eternity. May the Holy Spirit, which touched me, doubly touch you. Bless you.