Give them a different future (II)

Give them a different future (II)

Last week in Burma, one morning we visited the Pyin Oo Lwin Children's Center, which was home to glowing support, and after giving the children a brief words of encouragement and prayer, they finished their breakfast and were ready to go to school.

Brother V, who was with me, was a very competent photographer, and captured the photograph. This is a very common picture of children going to school, but it means a lot to them.

They were born in the mountains of war-torn Burma, or their parents died, or their father died as a result of war or AIDS, and were displaced, helpless. Not to mention the desire to read.

But because of God's move, we in the local preacher up the hill, one by one these children "pick up" down the mountain. Now they not only have shelter from the rain, everyone also has an Anshu iron bed to sleep, every day can walk a dozen minutes to school to study. The greatness of this change, only they can understand.

The emergence of All Arise Shine was a vision focused on the weak, the poor, the broken, the lonely, and the service of the displaced. The vision has not changed to this time. So these children are of course the object of our concern and help.

This time in Burma, in addition to visiting several of the children's centers we support, we have also claimed several new children's centers. About a little, the rise of glowing in Myanmar has helped more than 3,400 children.

We believe that these children are God's most concerned and beloved. We are eager to work with God and the preacher ahead, to put our own share on it, and to give these unfortunate children a different future.