They do this to God (II)

They do this to God (II)

Today, near Laain, in north – central Myanmar, a children's center called Yu Nai has a happy occasion, which is to hold a ceremony.

It's an admirable story of a servant of God, and another story of a moving devotee.

The story begins about 5 years ago, a young man who has just finished reading theology, sees the rain in the mountains near by years of fighting, with many orphans, so he built two simple houses nearby, taking in more than 30 children.

The evangelical workers themselves build and cement jobs, so they usually use the money they earn from their work to support these children. With a little modest income, it is conceivable that the burden of their economy and the quality of life at that time.

It wasn't until God gave us a chance to meet him that All Arise Shine officially helped them with their child-breeding work, and by this time their economic burden was slightly lessened.

Knowing last year that an abandoned house was to be demolished nearby, the man in charge bought all the steel and materials in the house at a very cheap price, moved back to the open space next to the children's center, and prepared to build a two-story building.

The reason is that the two existing buildings are so small that there is no way to accommodate nearly 40 children, and that children don't have a place to read. The usual prayer gatheringor or Sunday worship needs to be even less.

So he plans, after the two-story building, the second floor can be a church, the first half can be a dormitory for boys, and the other half will be a place for students to study on their own. The idea was really good, so he took advantage of his work, taking the children's center with him to start building the work. The first floor had just finished the brick structure, exhausted all his stock, and had to interrupt the construction work.

One day, the head of the evangelical work in Burma, who rose to glow, told me about the state of the children's center. In order to give my brothers and sisters a chance to participate, I immediately wrote a short essay about the needs of this place. At the time, it was estimated that if the entire 1st and 2nd floors were to be completed, it would cost about $4,000. Of course, this valuation only materials, is not included in labor costs. Because the whole construction work is their own.

Four thousand dollars, about NT$125,000, not a small amount. I can't think of the short text PO out, immediately there is a sister I do not know, I promised, she will be responsible for this money.

She added, When she saw the photo of my PO, an unfinished building, God said to her, Ask her to give this money. She really obeyed. This kind of obedience is not easy, because first she does not know me, second, she does not know the rise of the glow ingress son of work, just heard a sister introduce our work.

What can a four thousand dollars do? A great LV bag, or a luxurious European tour, will be a great choice. If not, the money in the bank will always be warm and warm, but also great.

But this sister I do not know, obedient to the small voice of the heart, let this is located in my countryside, there would have been no way to build a good building, one, the second floor are all completed.

Since then the RainY Children's Center has a great chapel, not only children, but also nearby residents can come here to party. The children's crowded accommodation space sate. In addition, they have a spacious environment where they can read. Do you say the sister's investment is worth it? I'm going to say her choice is too clever.

Dear brothers and sisters, how many people want to serve God, after years of waiting for the opportunity, to god open the way, but as if the road is not open. Others, like this young preacher in the village of Yunai in Myanmar, who, after reading theology five years ago, saw the needs of local orphans and took him as their own call, taking on the duty and opportunity to serve.

When you have the opportunity to step into the gospel workshops everywhere, you will see that servants like such a passionate and loyal God are not in the minority. But such a lone bird preacher, without any church or institutional resources, with their own strength is hard to walk the path of evangelism, without your input and help, many things they are impossible to accomplish.

Are you willing to like this sister, like me has never met, when you see the need, willing to give up their comfort and calculation, obey the small voice of the heart, put on their own share, to complete God's work together?

You saw this ceremony today, was it, wasn't it touching? A masterpiece accomplished by the faithful gospel workers and the rear bravely responding to God's moved, God's children! Believe me, into the gospel work of the Kingdom of God, brave to pay, in the future in eternity, must be recycled a hundred times. Bless you.

Seeing people's needs, this is your call.
— Reverend Bill Wilson, head of children's work at the Metropolitan International.