Harvest season

Harvest season

At first glance, this photograph looks like a familiar oil painting in the Western world, which is really beautiful. Not just color, but also the action of harvesting together.

This is a field owned by a large children's centre in Pyin Oo Lwin, Myanmar, next to the orphanage. I only visited in June.

The children's centre is run by an Englishman, along with his Burmese wife. To save money, the children's center not only grows its own rice and vegetables, but also raises a dozen pigs. On the day I visited, a fellow man was driving a motorized tricycle, had just returned from the outside, and the car was full of vegetable leaves, apparently to feed the pigs.

Since this children's center has more than a hundred students, and the various life needs are so expensive, so we are involved in helping them.

In addition to some of the teachers' salaries, All Arise Shine now supplies them with 10 packs of rice a month, allowing children to feed themselves.

Let us wish these children a happy growth in this children's center.