Keep picking up pearls.

Keep picking up pearls.

In Burma, there are quite a few examples like this. After reading theology, the Gospel workers of the admirable, seeing the nearby mountains and villages, many of the children who were helpless because of the war or their father's drug use, opened up their families and were able to adopt a few, even a few.

But because there is not enough money, children often have to sleep on the ground, eat and read there is not enough tables, rice is often insufficient. Will you be moved to see this kind of situation? Remind you again that this is not a general charity, just feed them in the belly. This is the best chance for life to be built.

A little left in the mountains, covered with dust of the small pearls, the heart to pick them up home, wipe clean, continue to pastoral breeding them, look forward to one day can become a shiny big pearl.

When they have a lack of talk to you, do you say this investment is worth it? The rise of glowing (all Arise Shine) is to say that this investment is too worthwhile!

People who raise pearls to have Shang know that the dust on their surface can be wiped, knowing that the present small pearls will shine in the future. Without this understanding, the pearls were buried only if they continued to be left in the mountains. Bless you.