Whose child is this? May they be safe (III)

Whose child is this? May they be safe (III)

Look at this picture, the little boy hiding in the corner, what's on his head? It's a pot? Yes, you're not mistaken, it's a pot.

The recent war in northern Myanmar, fierce fighting, stray bullets also fly. A home and school that was supposed to be safe is no longer safe.

Although during this time, most residents stay at home to avoid getting hurt out, but the disaster often falls from the sky. Not only did the stray bullet sedit and kill several people, but a man was still being attacked by stray bullets at home, and his life was lost.

In northern Myanmar, home has become an unsafe place, what could be a safer place?

Yesterday, August 31st, the day when most of Myanmar's Chinese schools opened, and for schoolchildren, they should have been happy to go to school, but fighting remains tense in the northern Shan region of Quaker. Government forces and rebels exchanged fire on the outskirts of the town.

For children in this area, there is no place to put down a quiet desk, so that they can concentrate on their studies. Most of the time they can only hide under desks and chairs, praying not to be hurt by stray bullets.

That kind of panic, scare, helplessness, we can feel only look at the photos.

There's really nothing we can do for them at this point. But let's pray for them with one heart. May they be safe! May they be safe!