Whose child is this? May they be safe (II)

Whose child is this? May they be safe (II)

Fighting has returned in northern Myanmar , where passenger and cargo traffic has been greatly affected by the occasional attack on bridges and roads by the armed forces , in addition to causing casualties .

The average person tries to stay at home and not go out, avoid ingress with danger. But there is a group of people in order to live the pressure, in the sound of gunfire, still have to go out to work, that is truck driver.

Look at this picture. On the way to the shipment, hearing gunshots and gunfire, the truck drivers had to park on the side of the road, hiding in the ditch next to them.

Their smiles did not look as if they were in danger of war.

The local Chinese newspaper wrote the following passage, which made people look rather sad.

"The drivers' simple and thick smile makes people feel very bitter, this is whose father, whose children, know that the war will also risk to come out to live."

Let us wish all these people in the war, still want to live in myanmar all peace.