The good pearls are in front of us.

The good pearls are in front of us.

What is pearls, you know? Tiffany sells pearls far less than some of the pearls below Oh!

In northern Burma, there are many broken families and orphans as a result of years of war and the spread of drugs. These pearls of the Kingdom of God, left unattended in the mountains, are no one to be checked and picked up. It seems that the "Shang" people are really not a lot.

But there are a few a group of unique vision, cherish these treasures of the Warriors, give up their youth years and great future, everywhere to pick up these pearls. and are willing to shepherd them for a long time so that these children can shine in the dark in the future.

In the picture, the young man, a kicking panicky in Burma, was 34 years old and graduated from Yangon's seminary only a few years ago. Seeing that his hometown, near Lashio in northern Myanmar, was littered with unattended orphans, he decided to give up his great opportunity to serve in the capital Yangon and to return to his "native family" to take care of the orphans.

At present, they have 14 children and live in humble bamboo houses. But because of his confidence in action, his bravery and determination, has touched a lot of people. So in the first half of this year, they will move to a two-storey concrete room. The number of children will also increase to about 40 people.

One of the visions of the rise of glowing (all arise shine) is to take care of fatherless. Therefore, of course, the work of the preacher is duty-bound to help.

We will help them dig deep wells, buy tables, desks, chairs, supply living materials, winter blankets, children's learning stationery, spiritual books, encyclopedias … such as.

When the young preacher spoke to me, he was excited to say that their two geniuses had no time to pray in order to dig up the well's budget, and that the supply of God would come as soon as they could not.

Yes, all of them belong to God, and it is God who moves the heart. As long as we are faithful, brave to put ourselves, in response to God's touch and call, other things God will certainly supply. This is the law of God's work–"Let's step out first, God will Follow", simple, clear, clear.

In the future, this recently established orphanage, if there are other needs, the rise of luminescence will also be ready to help. There is a burden to participate in this orphan work, you can contact me. Thank you. Bless you.