Music Gospel work for vulnerable ethnic groups

Music Gospel work for vulnerable ethnic groups

The video is the music gospel work of the underprivileged ethnic group in southern Taiwan, supported by the rise of glowing (all arise shine). A few children who have just studied the violin for about a year are practicing chamber music.

Our evangelical musicians serve a group of children from poor or broken families. These children are never afraid to imagine that they have the opportunity to learn the violin and are able to go abroad to perform.

Many children in the process of learning, not only the confidence is established, the trauma of the heart of childhood was healed, and therefore met Jesus. Today, the first children have some who have even become teaching assistants to this gospel job.

More than seven years of quiet hard work, more children in southern Taiwan's vulnerable ethnic groups are constantly being built …

The Gospel work is hard, but what is more exciting than the construction of life and the salvation of the soul?