So the gospel works, don't do it now, and when?

So the gospel works, don't do it now, and when?

It was late yesterday when my fellow brothers arrived in Vienna by train from Munich. After we found a place to stay, we went to a nearby Korean restaurant for dinner.

I looked up at the decoration of the ceiling of the restaurant, which was built with a generous original plank plus a few large beams. The whole area was roughly estimated, about 10 by 20 meters, and it seemed quite elegant and quaint.

This ceiling made me immediately think of the rise of the glowing (all arise shine) at a newly established orphan breeding center in the eyebrow seedling region of central Myanmar to do the repair work.

The orphan breeding Center is run and managed by three kicking and theological brothers who have served their minds and have read theology. The three brothers, who usually worked in agriculture, idleness to the nearby mountains to preach the gospel.

Feeling that the local civil war and the abuse of drugs had caused many problems of orphans and children of single-parent families, they had the idea of setting up child breeding centres to take care of these unhappy children in person.

So one of the brothers volunteered to adopt 10 children first with his home (the first photo), and then wanted to adopt 10 more children. The rise of glowing is fortunate to be used by God, to be linked to them, to work with them, to provide some help.

In order to adopt 10 more children, the first problem that must be solved is how to expand the existing space use, so they decided to build an additional layer of ceiling (the second photo) inside the house, so that there is an extra new second floor space, can accommodate more children to live use.

When they first proposed it to me, I thought it was quite feasible, but I was a little worried that the cost might be very expensive, because the whole area of the construction was 14 by 20 meters. So I asked them to take a valuation first.

In order to save money, the three brothers invited the workers, went to the nearby mountains to find good wood in person, and cut it into thick planks for the construction of ceilings. Two days ago, our head in the Burmese region passed on to me the valuation costs required for the entire project, including timber, wages, and nail charges.

If you were to value it, guess how much money would be able to complete the construction of this new floor? I asked my brothers who were traveling with me at that Korean restaurant, and he said that if it were in Taiwan, it would also be 200,000 NT dollars, or about 45,000 yuan.

And in Burma's eyebrow seedling area, the construction of a larger ceiling block (the third photo) than this Korean restaurant, the cost is even less frightening. The valuation message given to me by the local preacher is as follows: "The Ulun of the orphanage is built 14 meters wide and 20 meters long, requiring a total of about 800,000 kyats and about 3700 yuan in RMB." That is, even 20,000 trillion NT dollars can be reached to accommodate more than 10 orphans of the additional space.

I think the price he estimated is incredibly low, the heart is afraid that the quality of construction will be greatly affected? So after dinner, he passed a photo taken by the restaurant to the local preacher in Burma, asking him if the quality would be similar to the one in the photo after the new ceiling was built.

When he looked at it, he answered me, saying that the quality should be much better than this. Because the wood used will be more lenient, the beams will be larger, and it is the best wood found on the mountain ….

Dear brothers and sisters, the work of the Gospel is closely related to the help of life and life, as well as the redemption of the soul, and the church and the evangelical institutions of the whole land should be fully committed. Of course, given your ability, when deciding to participate in a frontline gospel job, it is inevitable that you will estimate a little to see how much you can do.

But the gospel work in some places is really worthy of our hesitation, like this newly established orphan cultivation Center in the Burmese eyebrow seedling region, where money is spent so cheaply, and the gospel work of cultivating some children in distress is so meaningful, don't do it at this time, and when? Do you agree? Bless you.