Total change, a fresh start.

Total change, a fresh start.

Children at the Cotton bottom children's centre in southeastern Myanmar, which is strongly supported by All Arise Shine, opened school in May.

Look at these children in school uniforms, full of joy, but also the future of school learning life full of look. This rare learning opportunity and inner taste, only they know, outsiders difficult to understand.

Less than half a year ago, they were scattered all over the mountain, either as orphans, or as children of single-parent poor families, not only for three meals, but also for poor living, but also without the opportunity to read.

In a short time, everything changed. Their lives have begun with a new beginning. Six months ago they were taken down the hill by a caring preacher for orphan care, to an Anshu children's center.

After a long journey, exhaustion in the car, just arrived at the children's center when the confusion, and the current their happiness and hope is really very different!

Seeing these little lives, complete change, a fresh start, let us also be full of joy, willing to continue to do their utmost to help them, with them.

For me personally, what could be more meaningful and happy than helping children like these children who were alone in the midst of war, and building their lives? Bless you.