A rise in the army of children's prayer

A rise in the army of children's prayer

Rise Of All Arise Shine in Myanmar is fully or partially supported by children's centers, student centers, and kindergartens, with a total number of about 500 people.

These children have prayer drills in their lives or studies on weekdays, but if so many children's prayers can be brought together, it will become a great force. Especially in the current volatile situation in Myanmar, these children should mobilize, pray for their homeland.

We will begin in September, at the beginning of each month, select bibleverseverses, ask the preachers or preachers of each children's center to teach, after which each child will recite the sentence, and find time to share the bible in the middle of the month.

In addition, we will join all the children in the centers, to pray for this country in Burma. Also ask God for the continued rise of supply glows, the great need for gospel work in various regions. Children's centers and kindergartens may also offer to pray together if they have special needs.

We expect these children to be able to understand God's attributes, omnipotence, nations, and plans through God's Word, Omnipotence, and planning when they are young. and take root in all kinds of truths.

Daily prayer drills will allow them to develop a natural habit of "praying like breathing" from an early age. And expect them to experience God's truth through prayer.

We believe that the strength of this army of children's prayers is enormous. Through their unity of prayer, many big and difficult things will be changed. Let's wait and see, and bless them.