Early in the morning, "squeeze a squeeze" to go to school

Early in the morning, "squeeze a squeeze" to go to school

Whether it's a two-wheeled motorcycle or a three-wheeled electric car, kids at the Children's Center in the Kokang region of Burma can get up early in the morning, don't have to walk to school, and feel happy to squeeze.

These children are born in a troubled world, from broken or single-parent families, originally lived in the mountains, did not have the opportunity to read, now can be in the lower street of the Mountain Children's Center is well taken care of, every day has the opportunity to go to study, do not take a good grasp of the opportunity!? No wonder many children are at the top of the school (picture).

Listening to the local preacher, the situation has recently begun to get tense again, and the mountain has begun to "catch soldiers" again, with the possibility of war at any time. Hope not like a few years ago, military Pro Street, we have to flee to China next door to take refuge.

We are here to bless these children, grasp the time, can read a day to count a day, because tomorrow how, not yet known. Kids, come on! A good future awaits you.

** Old Street is the capital of Kokang region.