Lau's bones, exercise into a machine.

Lau's bones, exercise into a machine.

All Arise Shine's evangelical work in Burma is largely child-related. These children are born in a mess, or orphans, or from broken families, or very poor families.

We invest huge human, financial, and material resources, in addition to giving these children good care in their lives, but also to give them the opportunity to receive a good education. These are taken for granted by children in modern society, but they are extravagant to them.

Of course, in ordinary life, study the Bible, know the true God, practice prayer, worship and praise, … And so on about the faith life is also indispensable.

We ask that not only this, the vast majority of children in the usual free time, also need to participate in help ingress . Take all the laundry, wash, cut, cook, wash dishes, lift water, plant whole vegetables, go up the hill to cut wood, repair houses, build new works, and help with haircuts, …… Wait, there's no one they don't do.

The above life of all kinds of chores, need each child to participate together, there are two main reasons. First, of course, in order to hone children's life skills, so that they are used to "working" at a very young age, so grow up, can exercise into a device, regardless of the difficult environment, to adapt to much easier.

The second reason is that each children's center is underfunded and understaffed, so many things in life have to be done together by children. But also because of their participation, it is much easier for the evangelical workers in charge of each children's center.

For example, when we visited the Myitkyina Children's Center in Kachin state in early June, the preacher in charge told us that when children usually go to school in the middle of the semester, they usually start spontaneously at 4 or 5 a.m., prepare their own breakfast, so we don't have to bother the preacher to help….

Dear brothers and sisters, do you feel envious when you see the children of myanmar's children's centers, who are so spontaneous in their lives? Next time I go to Myanmar, if time permits, you can take your child (grandchild), also with me to go away, so, presumably for the present children, is a good life education. You said that, didn't you? Bless you!