Rise Glow 2019 Mid-Year Work Report

Rise Glow 2019 Mid-Year Work Report

Time series into the middle of 2019, thank you to your brothers and sisters for their dedication, support and prayer, and for God's supply and leadership, not only to make the rise of All Arise Shine's gospel work around the world smoothly, but also to expand our realm, so that our footsteps can step into more places of need, To preach the gospel in every way. 

The rising glowing work features focus on the weak, poor, broken, lonely, and served with displaced persons. The current service areas are Haiti, Mexico, southern Taiwan, the mountains of southwest China, the war-torn areas of north-central Myanmar, Syria, northern Vietnam, the mountains of Cambodia, northern Thailand and Russia and 10 other countries.

Current service projects include building schools, building and helping churches, digging wells, supplying meals (or rice), supplying solar lights, disability education, orphanages, adult literacy classes, English teaching, slippers production classes, after-school tutoring classes, red light districts, street service, broken and single-parent families, prison work, music education for vulnerable children, AIDS ministry, orphan education, help for war families and children, Hmong gospel training courses, kindergartens, evangelical preachers, widows' homes, helping lone bird preachers to work gospel, winter clothing and warm supplies, etc. a total of 25 projects.

In so many service workshops and projects, the work in Haiti has been our focus, but over the past year, myanmar's orphans and vulnerable children's ministry has gradually expanded.

We find Myanmar to be a very good evangelical workshop, not only with high-quality and well-commissioned evangelical workers, there are many children everywhere, orphans and vulnerable children born out of war or drug abuse, and we deserve our participation.

Currently we support about 10 children's centres in north-central Myanmar and Kachin state, and help three kindergartens, with a total population of more than 450. We hope to help more in the future. Because children are accompanied by loyal evangelical workers day and night, the fruits of building their lives and understanding the truth will be enormous.

In the second half of this year, we will also be involved in the gospel work in India and Namibia.

The rise of the glowing various gospel work has a strong vision and mission (Vision and Mission) led by, but we are not only focused on what we care about. We hope that the various gospel work of the kingdom will not have a high wall.

So we lead by example, set an example, and see the work of other gospel institutions that need help, and we don't hesitate to jump in and out as long as the vision and nature are consistent with our burden. In other words, much of our spending is actually on helping other evangelical partners in their work.

In the future, when God gives us more supply, we will also continue to be an export of blessings, helping more other gospel institutions.

Brothers and sisters interested in the rise of glowing regions and various gospel projects can contact me privately, and I explain to you in more detail.

Finally, again, the rise of glow to the present still maintain 0% overhead cost. That is, all the dedication income is spent on the work of the farm, without any administrative or travel expenses. And for this reason, we can do the work of so many countries.

Rise glow to thank all brothers and sisters for their trust and continued support. Your peers are our strength to move forward. May God bless you.

Rise Glow Founder/Responsible
Gordon Chen