ThousandS of Mountains and Rivers (II)

ThousandS of Mountains and Rivers (II)

From Teng Chong Port in Yunnan, China, to Myitkyina, the capital of Kachin state, then from Myitkyina to Danai, continue along the Indo-Myanmar Highway to Pansuang, the Indian border. This distance is not far, only two or three hundred kilometers, but travel up, especially in the six months of the rainy season, no 15-20 hours is not to.

Look at the 4 consecutive photographs captured by the view, our preacher and his companions, riding a motorcycle from Dane to Class Less's arduous journey to know. Personal travel is already very difficult, and it is even more difficult to deliver large quantities of goods. But in the mission workshop this is the reality of the situation, although difficult to achieve the task.

Whether it's blankets, clothes, stationery, or slippers, our preachers are always able to deliver these precious supplies to the poor and needy aforelets of the local Aca. Take the recent 500 pairs of slippers, a delivery to the class less, "in short supply", a gift.

All Arise Shine firmly believes that all kinds of goods are the best companion ship for evangelism in poor places. By giving away supplies, let them know that this is God's love among them, in the chaos of the long war, God did not forget them.

Our work on supporting supplies on the ground will continue. Brothers and sisters who have the burden to participate can contact me privately.