What kind of LV do you pursue? (II)

What kind of LV do you pursue? (II)

Just opened the Facebook, saw a young sister's sticker, the content at first glance very familiar, read carefully before discovering that she is actually talking about the articles I often post.

This sister is a young mother, has two children, is my daughter's good friend, I am not actually familiar with her. Thanks to her long track of my article, she was also moved and began to change.

In fact, the pursuit of good things is human nature, a lot of brand-name supplies, or luxury goods, quality and design is superior, likeable, let people want to have, is a very natural thing. The only problem is that there are times when the cost of this possession is too high. Especially for people with low income and not rich in life, buying famous brands is often a great burden.

Another question worth thinking about is, do you want to highlight that you are different from others by spending a lot of money on luxury goods? I think it's possible for some people. In particular, a variety of luxury goods often have so-called limited edition, but also flock to.

In fact, God made people, has put a kind of pursuit of unique personality in our hearts, but we pursue the wrong way. We often use the pursuit of external things, such as money, mansions, achievements, famous cars, and all kinds of luxuries, … And so on to show their own "unique" or attention, this is very wrong thinking.

What makes a person appear unique or attractive to others is always what is emitted or manifested in life, not what is out there.

When I was in Taiwan about 20 years ago, one night I wandered alone to a department store in Taichung. I remember when I took the 12 floor from the first floor, and within a few minutes of the ride, I had the opportunity to see the people on the upper and lower escalators on all floors, and I was surprised to find that more than 10 women were carrying the same color, the same style of Chanel bags. I don't know if they're in a department store that's not very big, and it's going to be a little awkward to "hit the bag" so often.

When I shared the message of the church many times, I used to joke with the congregation that if you want to look different from others, don't spend hundreds of or thousands of dollars on brand-name bags. The best thing to do is to go to the night market to buy a 200 TWD bag, guaranteed to be very unique, and the possibility of bumping into a bag with others is also very low. That's what shows your uniqueness!

Excessive pursuit of brand names, service, forming bundles, even addiction, or causing tension between husband and wife, are very unworthy of things. Of course it's a matter of cognition, and maybe you don't agree.

A while ago, television news reported that a socialite in Singapore had publicly displayed her collection, with hundreds of pairs of shoes, hundreds of cypress bags, and gorgeous clothes needless to say. What surprised me most was that the celebrity said that one of the Bergin bags was her favourite, worth millions of, and that if one day there was a fire, or if she was going to run for her life, the only thing she had to rescue and take away was the bag.

I was very surprised by the extent to which this material was advocated. In fact, I was thinking that the celebrity should not be married, and there are no children. If there is, one day to escape, the first thought should be their own husband and children! How could it be a cypress bag!?

This example also gives us a clear understanding that when we are not deep enough in our experience and insight into life, we often have to pursue these superficial external things.

If, in terms of mission and evangelism, the value of a cypress bag can be transformed from just a bag placed in a clothing room and used only one or two times a year into a tool to promote the gospel work of the entire missionary workshop in a given area!

Of course, choosing to buy this bag only one or two times a year, showing that you are different, or willing to turn it into something more valuable, a resource to change lives and save the soul, depends on personal cognition and decision.

May the Holy Spirit personally open our obsessed with and let us see what is the most valuable and important thing. Bless you.